25 Hilarious Design Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Design Fails

Wow. These design fails made me laugh out loud and also wonder ‘what were these people thinking?’ Just check out this hilarious gallery and you’ll see what I mean.

Check out these epic design fails, enjoy a good laugh, and share this funny gallery with everyone who could use a reason to smile today. I think we’ve had enough negativity, politics, and bad news today. Let’s spread some humor and laughter for a change.

1. The person who painted this on the wall... also copied the Shutterstock watermark, LOL

Funny Design Fails shutterstock logo on wall

2. Whoever thought of this... did not think things through.

Funny Design Fails kids sink superman

3. This is really awful, what were they thinking?

Funny Design Fails congratulations you have cancer

4. I tried to figure out the order here, but I eventually gave up and started drinking.

Funny Design Fails elevator buttons fail

5. Awful, awful choice of colors.

Funny Design Fails bathroom

6. This one's pretty funny!

Funny Design Fails rainboners

7. A fart rug sounds like a great idea for a gift!

Funny Design Fails fart rugs

8. Okay, Whole Foods...

Funny Design Fails boneless skinless children's thighs

9. Wow. These pillows!

Funny Design Fails North west south east pillows

10. Interesting.

Funny Design Fails age game

11. After seeing so many bad bus ad designs, I think bus advertising is the worst thing you can spend money on. No, seriously.

Funny Design Fails bus advertising

12. Okay, I'll choose the ticket.

Funny Design Fails please have ticket or ass ready sign

13. We'll try!

Funny Design Fails do not exceed 20 children

14. Don't be happy worry?

Funny Design Fails don't be happy worry

15. Friends are what???

Funny Design Fails Friends are the rapists you can drink with

16. That girl has a freakishly long hand.

Funny Design Fails long hand ad

17. Free coffee for just $1, that's great!

Funny Design Fails free coffee for $1

18. This 'clock' sign could've been designed better...

Funny Design Fails clock sign

19. This is the worst design ever!

Funny Design Fails period pizza

20. You mean right here?

Funny Design Fails Poo pool sign

21. Whoever designed this wet wipes pack, missed a detail or two.

Funny Design Fails wet wipes package fail

22. I would have named this course differently.

Funny Design Fails child abuse course

23. Ad placement fail:

Funny Design Fails ad placement

24. Donate to help end what? Doesn't anyone proofread these things?

Funny Design Fails text fail

25. Don't...? What?

Funny Design Fails don't save a life

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