20 FUNNY Pieces Of Advice On LOVE

Here are some very helpful tips on love! Check them out and share the fun with anyone who could use a good laugh or some random pieces of advice about love and marriage!

People always ask their parents and grandparents: “What is the secret to a long happy marriage?”. Some say it’s patience. Some say it’s honesty. Many say it’s communication. I say it’s the little things. As I am happily married, I think I am qualified to give people advice on love. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of the best, most helpful, and most hilarious pieces of advice on love and marriage. I know you guys are getting ready for Valentine’s Day, so I hope they help! Check them out and share them with anyone who could use a reason to smile today!

1. Most people already know this, but we're mentioning this marriage tip, anyway.

Marriage tip: If your wife says "do what you want", under no circumstances do you do as you want. Stand still, don't say a thing, and if you're gonna breathe, make sure you do it quietly.

2. As a happily fascinated woman, I can confirm: giving her a piece of cheese always works.

Helpful advice on how to fascinate a woman - give her cheese.

3. If you have a wife, you should memorize this helpful marriage advice:

Marriage tip: If at first you don't succeed, try doing it the way your wife told you to.

4. One of the best pieces of advice on marriage you'll ever get:

Marriage tip: when your wife is mowing the lawn, that's not a good time to ask her when dinner will be ready.

5. This should be on a T-shirt:

Never ever, ever, ever test your wife's memory.

6. Here's a fun marriage tip for men:

Marriage tip: Your wife's not going to start an argument with you if you're cleaning.

7. Here's a good piece of advice for all the wives out there:

Marriage tip: If your husband says he will fix it, he will. You don't need to remind him every six months.

8. In any marriage, it's important to read the signs:

If she's looking at you like this, stop lying and run because she's about to slap you.

9. A good piece of advice for anyone who's turned 40.

After you turn 40, you'd better leave young women alone and find yourself a woman who understands the signs of a stroke.

10. Here's a tip on sharing your secrets:

Husbands are the best people to share your secrets with. They'll never tell anyone because they aren't even listening.

11. The best advice on love anyone will ever give you:

Break her bed. Not her heart.

12. The man who remembers your birthday and all anniversaries, isn't necessarily the one.

The man who remembers your birthday and marriage anniversary knows what you truly like saves all your photos knows all about your family and friends That man is NOT your man. That man is Mark Zuckerberg.

13. Here's some great advice on fighting:

The best marriage advice: if you have to fight, do it naked!

14. A good tip on love: lose the pants!

Stop focusing on who wears the pants in the relationship. Relationships work best when no one is wearing pants.

15. Here's one thing you should always remember!

Never laugh at your wife's choices. You were one of them.

16. A very important piece of advice on marriage:

Marriage tip: Your wife is less dangerous if there is chocolate in her mouth.

17. If the love is true, you'll never watch an episode without them.

True love is never binge-watching a Netflix series without the person you started it with.

18. Always remember: you can't make someone love you.

You can't make somebody love you. You can only stalk them and hope for the best.

19. In marriage, as in life, safety comes first:

For your own safety, under no circumstances don't ever say to your wife "Are you eating that? I thought you were on a diet!"

20. A good tip on how to get your wife's attention:

Struggling to get your wife's attention? Just sit down and look comfortable.

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