25 Funny Memes That Celebrate Love And Marriage

Everyone who is married will relate to these funny memes!

It’s February, the month we celebrate love, so naturally, we had to make this list of funny memes about love and marriage. Everyone who is happily married will relate to these jokes that are inspired by real life. Love is beautiful and romantic, and if done right, it’s also super fun. I know mine is!

Check out these funny memes about love and marriage and share the fun with someone who could use a good laugh today. Let’s spread some humor and good vibes!

1. I bet you didn't know this was one way to fascinate a woman:

Funny love meme marriage: How to fascinate a woman

2. Husbands are the best secret keepers. Here's why:

Funny love meme marriage: Husbands are the best people to share your secrets with. They'll never tell anyone because they aren't even listening.

3. Poor guy!

Funny love meme marriage: Saw the look on his face so I went to give him a dollar. He gave it back and said, "I'm not homeless... I'm married".

4. I know all married people can confirm this!

Funny love meme marriage: 99% of the phone calls between my husband and me are just looking for each other's phones.

5. Here's a piece of marriage advice you might want to remember:

Funny love meme marriage: If she's looking at you like this, stop lying and run because she's about to slap you.

6. This is why women kill plants, lol.

Funny love meme marriage: Him: Why do you keep buying plants? You just kill them. Her: To remind you what I'm capable of.

7. Before anyone gets offended, note that the following marriage meme is about me my husband. This is us:

Funny love meme marriage: When you both gained a few pounds, but the love is strong.

8. Wives do this sometimes, it's true:

Funny love meme marriage: Wives, when their husbands are on the phone.

9. Marriage is about sharing food fairly.

Funny love meme marriage: Married life summed up:

10. Let me start the parade, honey!

Funny love meme marriage: When husband makes a big deal because he did the dishes once

11. What did you say?

Funny love meme marriage: When you thought you were done arguing with your man, but then you hear him mumble something under his breath.

12. I agree! This funny saying about marriage is very accurate.

Funny love meme marriage: True love is never binge-watching a Netflix series without the person you started it with.

13. This man is mine!

Funny love meme marriage: When I'm out with my husband and I see someone checking him out.

14. I think she moved in a separate room.

Funny love meme marriage: Do you notice that when the snoring got "Extra bad", the wife left?

15. It's important to keep the spark alive.

Funny love meme marriage: My husband and I keep the spark alive by watching spousal murder shows together and criticizing the idiots who get caught.

16. The secret to a happy marriage:

Funny love meme marriage: Break her bed not her heart

17. Let me finish this one little thing...

Funny love meme marriage: When my husband says we're going to visit his family.

18. If you're married, you must know the look:

Funny love meme marriage: When you ask her what's wrong and she says "Nothing", but then she spends all day looking at you like this:

19. Women who can't open a jar forgive their husbands a lot faster than those who can.

Funny love meme marriage: Lord, grant me the strength to open this jar without the aid of my husband, who I'm currently mad at.

20. Let me give you my special treatment of love and care:

Funny love meme marriage: When I see my hubby is depressed:

21. Thanks, babe! So helpful...

Funny love meme marriage: funny husband makes pasta

22. It works, every time! Trust me!

Funny love meme marriage: Struggling to get your wife's attention? Just sit down and look comfortable.

23. This is what true love looks like:

Funny love meme marriage: relationship goals

24. A very important milestone:

Funny love meme marriage: first fart

25. It's the little gestures that keep us on our toes.

Funny love meme marriage: My wife made me coffee this morning and winked at me when she handed me the cup. I've never been more scared of a drink in my life.

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