Tired Of Always Having To Babysit At Family Events, This Man Drinks Alcohol To Avoid It

This man’s aunt always makes him babysit her kids at family events, so he finds a solution.

People should really stop asking others to babysit their kids, for free, especially without discussing it beforehand. This man was always the designated babysitter at family events, so his relatives could drink and have fun. And without any discussions, too. His aunt made a habit of just dropping her kids off with their cousin, so she could enjoy an adult, child-free evening. Understandably, he got tired of this. I would, too!

At this gathering, he was promised the kids would be away, otherwise, he probably would’ve skipped it. He even brought a few beers to drink with his uncle. However, when he arrived there, the kids were home and immediately placed under his supervision. So, he found a quick solution. He opened one of the beer cans he had brought and started drinking it. And this was no regular beer, but one special type, with 12% alcohol, he had brought to try with his uncle. Three minutes after he started drinking, his aunt noticed, and went completely crazy because he was “drinking while watching the kids.”

He reminded her that he was promised the kids wouldn’t be home, to which she responded with some very ugly words and insults. Because that’s how you convince people to do you favors.

He then asked for 200 bucks for emergency babysitting, but the aunt said ‘Hell, No!” So, he just enjoyed his beer while his dad watched the little kids. Read the whole story below:

This man's aunt uses him for free babysitting.

Some people admitted to using the same trick when they were called in at work on their day off:

This man is not alone. Others were tricked into babysitting, too, and here's what they did.

Just because someone is a relative, that doesn't give you the right to disrespect them like this.

This lifehack:

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