This Woman Asked Her Parents To Send Her Husband A Separate Invitation To Christmas, Got Uninvited & A Harsh Reality Check

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This guy wanted a special invitation to Christmas or said he wouldn’t attend.

At first, when I read this title, I thought this was a classic story with in-laws who don’t like the husband, so they don’t include him in family gatherings. Because it happens. But boy, was I wrong.

This woman went to Reddit to ask if she was wrong by asking her parents to send her hubby a separate invitation to Christmas. Here’s the story:

According to this post in the AITA community, Luke and his in-laws aren’t very fond of each other, but they’re civil. And with Christmas coming up, the woman’s parents invited her and her husband to spend the Holidays together. However, the man was offended because he was not invited separately, but together with his wife.

Apparently, he wanted a special invitation, even though all the couples were invited the same way. As a family. Like people usually do. And if this isn’t crazy enough, his wife sided with him. His parents obviously thought this was ridiculous, and since she agreed with Luke, they just uninvited both.

Confused – not sure why – she asked Reddit who was wrong here. Here’s what people have said.

People think she and her husband are both wrong. When you're a couple, you just get one invitation.

This comment is on point!

He is manipulating her.

I think this man is a toxic, abusive, narcissistic man who is trying to separate his wife from her family. And considering her response, he was right on track. That’s what abusers do: they push you into cutting ties with everyone, so when they start harming you, there’s no one to help you out. I also think this woman was lucky to have had her eyes opened before things got really bad. According to her update, she has realized that her husband is the big problem here. That’s a good thing! So many people learn they’ve been trapped when it’s too difficult to find a way out.

This sounds like an abusive relationship.

Yes. They're just treating him like their daughter's husband... which he is.

That's what toxic people do...

I agree!

He's definitely winning!

Now I know why her parents dislike him.

I agree!

What do you think about this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments and check out this story next:

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