This Woman DEMANDED A Refund From Her Wedding Photographer After She Got Divorced

The photographer first thought this was a joke, LOL.

It can’t be easy to go through a divorce, but this woman seems to have lost touch with reality. Or maybe she’s desperate to make some money? I have no idea what made her think she was entitled to a refund for her wedding photos now that she’s getting a divorce. But while the photographer thought this was all a prank, his former client was dead serious. Lance Romeo shared the whole story on his Twitter account and made sure to keep everyone updated, as he was contacted by the woman’s lawyer and ex-husband. The story and the comments cracked me up:

The woman contacted the photographer 4 years after her wedding.

He initially thought it was all a prank. It wasn't.

But the lady wasn't going to take care now. She kept going, insisting that she was entitled to a refund.

Imagine hiring a lawyer over this.

But she did get a lawyer. And she was very serious.

Thankfully, I am happily married, so I can’t exactly say I know what she’s been through. I know trauma can mess with your head, and I imagine the separation might have cost her a lot, so she probably tries to get some of that money back. And while I’m sorry for her, there are services you can’t refund.

Can I ask for a refund from my hairdresser, after my hair grows back? If I pay for dance lessons, am I entitled to a refund, after I’ve learned dancing, as I will no longer need lessons? And has she asked for a refund from everyone else? The venue, the hairdresser, the DJ? Has she also returned all the gifts?

In the comments, Lance shared some updates. No, the woman has not come to her senses. In fact, he was actually contacted by the woman’s lawyer, who couldn’t stop laughing about this issue while they were talking on the phone. I imagine she’s going to ask the lawyer for a refund in a few years, too. The woman’s ex-husband also contacted Lance, apologizing, after the story went viral on social media. 

Everyone had a good laugh over this hysterical situation, and the comments are just as funny as the story. Here’s what others have said:

Here's the original tweet:

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