24 Funny Fails That Prove The Importance Of Letter Spacing

These fails are too funny!

Fonts matter. Letter spacing matters. Your choice of words matters. Details matter. Before you put up a sign, ask someone: is this ok? Does it send the right message? Because otherwise, you’ll end up with a result like these hysterical fails. Check out the funny gallery and share it with everyone who could use a laugh today.

1. Lice hair?

2. Good luck to you, too!

3. Greek Nathan sells foot-long yogurt hot dogs?

4. Oh, no.

5. Terrible.

6. Are you?

7. I'm not saying you're not right...

8. Huh?!

9. Clean yourself pray.

10. You had meat.

11. Sham Poo.

12. I'd rather not.

13. Not the best font choice.

14. Mkay...

15. F you Grad!

16. Nice!

17. The designer hid something here...

18. And when you open the door... you get the Poo pool & spa, and lice services. How lovely!

19. Not my favorite type of tart.

20. Awful.

21. Click brick.

22. So funny!

23. Poor ticks.

24. This made my brain hurt.

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