Flight Attendant Makes Pregnant Woman Clean Up After Her Kids And Sparks Debate

This Dad was outraged after a flight attendant made his pregnant wife get down on hands and knees to pick up after their toddler.

This tween sparked a debate, and I’m really curious to know what you think. Here’s what went down: Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass and his family were flying with United Airlines, and their 2-year-old daughter made a mess while eating popcorn. The flight attendant made his wife, who is 22 weeks pregnant, get down and clean that mess, leaving the husband outraged and the internet divided.

When I first read this story, I thought: of course, you’re supposed to clean after your kids. But then I read the comments, and asked myself: who usually cleans after us? I mean, it’s not just kids who drop things on the floor. Adults could make a mess, too. I’ve never heard of anyone being forced to clean up their seat on an airplane. Is this part of their job? Is there a cleaning crew on a plane?

I feel that there might be more to this story, though. Here’s what other people commented, I wonder whose side you’re on. Team Dad or Team Flight Attendant? 

I agree that parents are responsible for their kids’ actions. If your toddler breaks something, you replace it, even if yes, they’re kids and don’t know better. It’s Mom & Dad’s responsibility to make sure the children behave, especially in public, where they could be disturbing other people. But I’m not sure this was the case here.

Let’s put aside the fact that the woman was pregnant and they are famous, wealthy people. Would all parents be required to do the same? Is that the general rule? If it is, then I agree, everyone should follow it, famous or not. Pregnant or not. After all, there were two parents present, and one of them was not pregnant.


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