The Funny Horoscope Is Here: What Kind Of A Grandma You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Funny Grandma Zodiac

The funny 2021 Horoscope is here! Find out what kind of a grandma you are, based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

Funny Zodiac Aries

You are the Sweet Grandma:

You always carry candy in your pockets and something sweet in each of your purses. You never know when one of your grandkids might want a treat, so you’re always prepared! Their parents always say “please don’t feed them any sugar”, and you’re like: 

2. Taurus

Funny Zodiac Taurus

You are the Feeding Grandma:

There’s nothing you dislike more than the idea of someone feeling hungry. You simply can’t stand concepts like dieting, low-carb, not hungry, or already ate. That’s why you make sure everyone who visits you is well-fed, especially because they’re all too skinny.

3. Gemini

Funny Zodiac Gemini

You are the Supportive Grandma:

You are always on your grandkids’ side, no matter what they do. They could be serial killers, and you’d still be like: “Oh dear, they probably deserved it. Come, have some soup. You must be hungry from all the killing.” In your eyes, the grandkids are the smartest, the most precious, and the cutest beings on Earth. And you’re obviously RIGHT!

4. Cancer

Funny Zodiac Cancer

You are the Party Grandma:

There’s always a party going on at your house! While some grandmas always have freshly baked cookies, you have fresh margaritas. While other grandmas are listening to the news on the radio, at your place, there’s loud music and dancing. While other grandmas attend bingo at church, you organize poker games with your besties!

5. Leo

Funny Zodiac Leo

You are the Funny Grandma:

You may have grown older, but you sure haven’t grown up. You love playing pranks, making jokes, and having fun. You have a great sense of humor, and you’re the funniest Grandma in your gang.

Funny memes about getting old: Growing old happens, growing up is optional.

6. Virgo

Funny Zodiac Virgo

You are the Crafty Grandma:

You knit, you sew, you create stuff out of nothing. Your grandkid seems cold? No problem! Grandma instantly knits them a sweater! You’ve run out of slippers? No problem! Grandma instantly makes a pair out of nothing. You need new friends? No problem! Grandma makes new friends!

Funny meme: my psychiatrist told me I should make new friends, so I did.

7. Libra

Funny Zodiac Libra

You are the Cooking Grandma:

No one knows how this happens, but the very second someone visits you, poof! Delicious food magically appears on your stove! You take simple, boring ingredients and turn them into the most amazing dishes. One time you made a three-level wedding cake out of 5 biscuits, and people still can’t figure out how you did that.

8. Scorpio

Funny Zodiac Scorpio

You are the Partner-in-crime Grandma:

Whenever the kids are grounded, you’re usually grounded with them. Mostly, because half of the time, it’s your ideas that get them in trouble. Your grandkids don’t see you as an adult but as their partner in crime. You make a great team and have such a blast together!

9. Sagittarius

Funny Zodiac Sagittarius

You are the Bank Grandma:

Even though you’re not rich, you always manage to put some money aside for the grandkids. They never leave your house without a little something, for ice cream, or whatever they need. And it’s always secret money Grandpa can’t know about.

10. Capricorn

Funny Zodiac Capricorn

You are the cool Cool Grandma:

Forget about cooking, cleaning, knitting, or whatever it is others grandmas do. For you, the time spent with the grandkids is all about fun and games. You join the fun, and you’re always up for a quick hide and seek game.

11. Aquarius

Funny Zodiac Aquarius

You are the Wise Grandma:

You are that wise grandma who always gives the best advice. The grandkids always gather around you and quietly listen to your wise pieces of advice, like:

12. Pisces

Funny Zodiac Pisces

You are the Rock’n’roll Grandma:

You are so cool! Your “Back in my day” stories aren’t really safe for the kids, but they’re nothing compared to the smoking, drinking, junk food, or the no curfew rule at your house. Who cares? As long as everyone’s having fun, no one should complain!

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