So Adorable! 25 Cute Animals Cuddling Their Favorite Toys

Get ready to squeal with delight!

These heart-melting photos of animals snuggling with their favorite toys will make your day! Pet owners know that no matter how many toys you’ll buy for your furry friend, there will be one ‘favorite’ which cannot be replaced. In this adorable gallery, you’ll see 25 various animals posing with their favorite toys, and your day will instantly get better.

1. A foal with its favorite toy.

2. So adorable!

3. Horses like toys, too!

4. A little kitten with its little monkey, I'm crying!

5. Nap time with his toy.

6. A corgi with a toy corgi!

7. A cute dog and his favorite toy.

8. Look, sir! Look what I've got!

9. So sweet!

10. Are you sure they're going to be ok?

11. This is so adorable!

12. Such a cutie!

13. So cute!

14. Nap time!

15. Do you like my monkey?

16. Doggo loves his toy.

17. A cat and a mini version of her.

18. So sweet!

19. All babies should have toys.

20. Just adorable.

21. A husky and its toy husky! How cute is this?

22. Nap buddies.

23. Two little monkeys!

24. Each kitten with its own toy mouse.

25. So cute!

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