25 Adorable Photos of Cats and Dogs To Brighten Your Day

If you’re a fan of furry friends, this collection is sure to melt your heart.

In case you were looking for a reason to smile today, here it is. These adorable photos are proof that cats and dogs make great friends. Check them out and get ready to say “aww” as you browse through this gallery of cuteness.

1. Oh, no...

2. Now this is what true friendship looks like...

3. Let me put my thinking cat on.

4. Don't move, pillow.

5. I don't care how big you get, I'll always be the big spoon.

6. It's not what it looks like. We're not buddies!

7. That looks comfortable.

8. They look like they're up to something.

9. When you don't like cats, but the cats like you.

10. Now this is heaven!

11. So adorable!

12. What do you mean, we're not really brother and sister?

13. Best buddies playing together!

14. Go away, human. She's mine now.

15. Nom nom nom!

16. Cat? What cat?

17. I'm watching you...

18. It is what it is...

19. There must be something interesting going on out there...

20. I found this outside. I'm keeping it.

21. Day 7. The humans still don't know I've adopted a cat.

22. What do you mean he's not my baby? We're almost identical!

23. There's a cat there. Look again!

24. That sibling who hates family photos!

25. My brother from another mother.

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