25 Hilarious Times Restaurants Got “Creative” With How They Served Food And Drinks

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Spoiler alert: clients didn’t appreciate that “creativity.”

The subreddit We Want Plates collects absurd examples of food and drinks served in an “unconventional” way.

If you have a business like a restaurant or a bar, stop trying to come up with “unique” ideas that will get you on the internet. You will get on the internet, but it might be for the wrong reasons. Clients are very much ok with you serving the food on a plate, as long as it’s good food, good drinks, good service, and a nice overall atmosphere.

We don’t want to eat from a shovel. All we want is a tasty meal and a waiter bringing out everything in time. And if you have some nice wines we can try, then you’ll get 5 stars and a round of applause. Please take a look at what happens when restaurant owners try to get creative and tell me in the comments: would you ever return to any of these places?

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