Man Thinks His Wife Cuts Off His Pants Strings, Truth Is Finally Revealed

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This man turned to Reddit, hoping the community would help him find an answer regarding his marriage. 

The woman who has been his wife for 10 whole years has been stealing the strings in his pajama pants, and he’s got not explanation as to why. Is it a prank? Is it some kind of twisted revenge? Here’s what he said:

My (m34) wife (f32) has been cutting the strings off my pajama pants and she won’t admit to it. Not sure why?

It can only be her! And this has been going on for a year.

He keeps buying more pants, but all the strings eventually go missing. What is that woman thinking?

So, they have been married for a decade, and have always pulled pranks on each other. However, this time, the woman keeps denying it. And keeps stealing the man’s pajama strings. That’s just evil!

Maybe it’s some kind of revenge for something he’s done. Maybe she just wants to have a good laugh. Maybe it’s some kind of power play. After all, marriage can be hard and stressful.

The man went where many of us go when we have marriage and life troubles, and the community on Reddit helped as much as they could. Here’s what people have said:

A simple explanation:

Maybe she wants to remind him who rules the house.

It's something she'd do, as a prank.

She's trying to tell him something!

Loud and clear!

The only possible explanation?

Someone asked an interesting question...

The plot thickens!

And the real was finally revealed!

So funny!

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