Ex Wife Refuses To Change Her Last Name – Who Is Wrong Here?

Ex’s new fiancee demands she change her last name. Who is in the wrong?

Divorce is never easy, especially when there are children involved. And even after the separation is complete, co-parents have to work together to maintain the peace. These two adults had it all figured out, but everything changed when he decided to remarry.

When they got divorced, he agreed his ex could keep their last name. But why did she insist on keeping it? There are many factors. For a mother, it’s important to have the same surname as her kids for practical purposes. It’s just easier. Also, as a young professional, she’s built a career under this name. It’s a personal brand, why give it up? Especially since her ex-husband agreed to this.

Everything was fine until the man decided to remarry. His new fiancee decided she wouldn’t agree to share the surname with the ex-wife. Here’s the story, whose side are you on?

Here's the context:

Everything changed when he moved in with his girlfriend.

The girlfriend sounds like a nightmare, to be honest.

Does the girlfriend have a point?

Here's the update!!!

Well, yeah.

Good for him!

The conclusion:

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Animals Make Us Laugh

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