20 Hilarious Memes To Start Your Week With A Laugh

Funny hilarious memes

These hilarious memes will chase away that Monday mood, so you can start your week with a laugh! Enjoy the fun and share it with your friends!

The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest, and Monday is the worst of them all. So here’s a fine selection of our best memes, to chase away that yucky Monday feeling and put a smile on your face. If we have to go through another week, we might as well do it laughing, don’t you agree?

These are 20 of the best funny memes shared in our community in the past weeks, and they’ll make you laugh until you cry – you’ve been warned. Now, make yourself comfortable, lay back, put down your drink because you don’t want to spill it, and enjoy the fun.

1. Here's a great life hack to make sure you eat all the cookies. No one at the office or at home will touch them:

Funny hilarious meme: how to keep all the cookies to yourself

2. When you're FINALLY old enough to do everything you want, you're too tired.

Funny hilarious meme: Finally old enough to do anything I want. Too tired to actually do it.

3. Most of the times, fun has nothing to do with the drinking, when you're an adult.

Funny hilarious meme: adulthood has shown me that you really don't need fun to have alcohol.

4. Just so you know, I drink coffee for your safety.

Funny hilarious meme: I'm not saying I'd die without coffee. I'm saying others might.

5. "Are you seriously talking to me now?"

Funny hilarious meme: When someone I don't like starts talking to me:

6. I'm not sure I could've survived 2020 without wine.

Funny hilarious meme: Just ordered my new wine mask.

7. Whoever said procrastination was a bad thing was lying.

Funny hilarious meme: Procrastination is totally a good thing! You always have something to do tomorrow, plus you have nothing to do today.

8. Tequila is my poison. To this day, I can't be in the same room as a shot of tequila.

Funny hilarious meme: when you smell a certain type and it reminds you of that time you almost died

9. I'd like to meet the photographer who took this:

Funny hilarious meme: teaching kids in America Dairy Land how to milk a cow. Bet the teacher wishes she would have stood up for the picture.

10. Or would you prefer ice cream for breakfast?

Funny hilarious meme: my mom as a mom versus my mom as a grandmother

11. OMG, my nightmare:

Funny hilarious meme: when you cc all your bosses and you type retards instead of regards

12. Oh, it WILL hurt! Especially the next morning, yikes!

Funny hilarious meme: I don't really like tequila, but one shot won't hurt. 3 hours later:

13. I'm telling you, my safe place is some kind of a portal to another dimension.

Funny hilarious meme: I hate it when I put something in a safe place and then it's pretty much lost forever.

14. Whoever designed this bathroom failed terribly.

Funny hilarious meme: restaurant toilet fail

15. How to cook kale:

Funny hilarious meme: pro cooking tip - if you stir coconut oil into your kale, it makes easier to scrape it into the trash.

16. When your doctor says you should spend at least an hour on the treadmill.

Funny hilarious meme: when the doctor says you should spend at least an hour on the treadmill.

17. I love this hilarious meme about online school!

Funny hilarious meme: online school sounds a lot like summoning ghosts: Mike, are you with us? Can you hear us?

18. I just have to try this 'fried spinach' recipe, LOL!

Funny hilarious meme: this fried spinach was a success! My family loved it and they can't stop smiling! I am such a great cook.

19. 'Call me sweet one more time. I dare you.'

Funny hilarious meme: dog wears kisses costume for halloween

20. When Mom asks Grandma not to feed the kids sugar.

Funny hilarious meme: when mom asks grandma not to feed kids sugar

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