20 Funny Memes That Perfectly Sum Up 2020

funny 2020 memes

It was a rough year, but 2020 did have the best memes ever. Check out these 20 funny memes that perfectly sum up 2020!

2020 was a weird year, but we did get some funny memes out of it, we can’t deny that. For a while, it seemed that the end of the world hit us. And what did we do, all of us? We made jokes and laughed our way out of this mess. As we approach the end of this… magnificent year… we’ve selected some of the best memes we’ve enjoyed together in 2020.

I must say I’m proud of all of us for maintaining a positive attitude, staying optimistic, and being so hilarious. All the events this year have hit us all really hard but our sense of humor was stronger than ever. And regardless of how and when this whole mess ends, we’ll have some great jokes and funny memes that will remain forever in the history.

These funny 2020 memes were the most shared and appreciated posts about 2020 in our community. Check them out, enjoy the fun, and share the laughs with your friends!

1. With all the social distancing rules, dating was different this year.

Funny meme 2020: Please maintain social distancing

2. I'm sure this is 100% true, LOL

Funny meme 2020: New study finds that cats can't spread the disease, but would if given option

3. Nothing describes this year better than this hilarious meme:

Funny meme 2020: If 2020 was a slide

4. This funny sign at the bank explains which type of face covering is suitable, and which isn't.

Funny meme 2020: meanwhile at the bank face covering

5. As we expected, this new Era brought new corporate problems:

Funny meme 2020: new corporate problems

6. This funny sign says employees will was your hands, but for the last 15 minutes no one came. Odd.

Funny meme 2020: employees must wash your hands

7. I was so scared when I couldn't breathe, but I unbuttoned my pants and it was all good!

Funny meme 2020: I couldn't breathe, then I unbuttoned my pants and it was all good.

8. I know what you did last summer, because everyone else did the same thing: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Funny meme 2020: I know what you did last summer, absolutely nothing

9. Remember how we used to laugh at Monk? Well, joke's on us!

Funny meme 2020: Monk cleaning germ freak

10. If we had to pick a flag for this year, this would be it:

Funny meme 2020: the official flag of 2020

11. All of us, at the end of the summer:

Funny meme 2020: tan lines

12. Not all kids have returned to school, but those who did had some pretty cool back to school photos.

Funny meme 2020: back to school photos

13. If you're going to be productive, please do it in private!

Funny meme 2020: I am blocking anyone who has been productive

14. We should all see the same results, soon.

funny 2020 meme: hugh hefner became a multi millionaire staying home in his pajamas

15. 2020 wasn't the best year, but at least it gave us 'The Trikini'

funny meme 2020: the trikini

16. I did try them eventually, they did NOT fit.

funny meme 2020: the virus doesn't scare me as much as the idea of trying my jeans on to see if they still fit

17. We didn't complain too much about the weather this year. Indoor, it didn't rain at all!

funny 2020 meme: weather forecast rain indoor

18. And they can hardly recognize each other...

funny 2020 meme: first graders return to school

19. As you can see, the mister in the painting below is going to buy more cookies:

funny 2020 meme: Now that I've lived through an actual plague, I totally understand why Italian renaissance paintings are full of naked chubby people laying on couches

20. Just one of the many advantages:

funny 2020 meme double chin

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