21 Funny Memes All Parents Can Relate To

These funny parenting memes will make your day, whether you have kids or not! Check them out and share the fun with your friends!

Parenting definitely has its moments. Some are hilarious, some are messy, but all of them are full of love. These memes perfectly capture the fun of being a parent. Check them out and enjoy the fun!

1. I bet all parents can relate to this funny meme. What is it with kids and bedtime?

funny parenting meme: when it's bed time - I don't want to close my eyes

2. Seriously? WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW?

funny parenting meme: when my kid trots into my room after I put him back into his bed for the 9th time

3. And you remember the last time you partied like it was... last century.

funny parenting meme: when you're a parent and you haven't partied in a while

4. Whoever gave my kid a whistle... you're in trouble.

funny parenting meme: I don't know who gave my child a whistle, but I will find you. And I will kill you.

5. Homeschooling your kids is not stressful at all. Look at Sue! She has been homeschooling her kids for the past week:

funny parenting meme: this is sue. She is 31 years old. Su has been homeschooling her four kids for the past week.

6. When you ask Grandma not to feed your kids sugar. The second you're out that door:

funny parenting meme: please don't feed the kids sugar

7. Everyone can be a good Mom. Do your best to be a great one:

funny parenting meme: good moms let you lick the mixer beaters. Great moms turn them off first.

8. No matter how old, serious and badass you are, when a two-year-old hand you a toy phone, you answer it:

funny parenting meme: I don't care how old and badass you are... when a two-year old passes you a toy phone, you answer it.

9. When you try to hide your bad habits from your kid, but it's too late:

funny parenting meme: when your kid picks up on your habits and now you have a mini version of yourself.

10. The perfect motto for all the parents who had to homeschool their kids in 2020.

funny parenting meme: it tales a village to raise a child. And a distillery to homeschool one.

11. When you have a baby girl, and her hair just won't grow.

funny parenting meme: when you get tired of telling people your child is not a boy.

12. The terrifying moment when you find a lone sharpie lid...

funny parenting meme: a lone sharpie lid - one of the most terrifying things a parent can find.

13. This funny parenting meme is so, so true. Sadly.

funny parenting meme: my kids would still ask me what's for dinner.

14. She sees you not only as a confident, but also as a very wealthy person.

funny parenting meme: having a daughter is like having a best friend who thinks you are rich.

15. And from the second they're born, they become our bosses:

funny parenting meme: this creature pays no rent, no electricity, no internet, clothes, food, but I dare you change the channel...

16. That awkward moment when you solve your kid's homework and get an F. Yikes!

funny parenting meme: when your child gets an F on a homework you solved

17. The best parenting hack: How to eat sweets without your kids noticing.

funny parenting meme: parenting hack of the day

18. When a kid says "Daddy, I want Mommy", Dads can only hope they're not in trouble.

funny parenting meme: when a kid says "Daddy I want Mommy" that's the child version of "I'd like to speak to your supervisor"

19. How my kids walk past a sink full of dishes:

funny parenting meme: how my family walks past a sink full of dishes

20. When Dad spends a whole day taking care of the kids:

funny parenting meme: dad after he spends a whole day with the kids

21. OMG, this photo almost gave me a heart attack.

funny parenting meme: terrifying toddler wearing a wig

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