Have A GOOD LAUGH With These 15 Hilarious Jokes!

OMG, these funny jokes have really made my day.

These hilarious jokes will make your day! They are so funny, they made me laugh out loud. I hope they’ll put a beautiful smile on your face and brighten your day. Check them out and share the fun with all your friends. After all, everyone needs a good laugh these days.

1. Here's a very good drinking tip. Always hold a beer in each hand when you're out drinking!

Funny jokes: Drinking tip - you won't be texting your Ex if you hold a beer in each hand.

2. Who's up for a 2-day no alcohol challenge?

Funny jokes: Join the 2 day challenge! No alcohol on february 30 and 31!

3. Me, waiting to become a millionaire.

Funny jokes: Me at home, patiently waiting to become a millionaire.

4. OMG, that's crazy!

Funny jokes: therapist - is she crazy? dude - she cooked all my food without seasoning to make me think I was sick.

5. How to prepare for a Zoom meeting:

Funny jokes: How to prepare for a Zoom meeting.

6. Becoming a donut eating expert is my dream!

Funny jokes: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Me - donut expert.

7. Always follow the rules at the dog park!

Funny jokes: If your dog poops, pick it up please.

8. So sweet! Look at that face!

Funny jokes: cute seal photobombs penguins.

9. This is what happens when everyone gets online!

Funny jokes: No wonder the internet's slow! Everyone's online, tweeting:

10. The only weight loss lipstick that works!

Funny jokes: Superglue - This amazing new lipstick helps you lose weight!

11. I'm so getting a dress like this!

Funny jokes: Champagne dress - finally found the dress of my dreams

12. Does anyone know what animal this is?

Funny jokes: Some wild penis ran through my yard.

13. This is what my brain does when I try to sleep.

Funny jokes: I can't sleep! Every time I try counting sheep, my brain goes one sheep, two sheep, cow, turtle, duck, Old McDonald had a farm, Heey Macarena!

14. Yup, this is true!

Law of physics: tequila goes in, truth goes out.

15. Haha! If you see it, type GOT IT in the comments below!

Funny jokes: horse woman shape

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