15 Nostalgic Memes Kids Today Won’t Understand

If you understand these memes, you’re no longer young!

Our world today is so much different. Kids today have so many options, an infinite of possible activities to fill their time with. Back in the day, when we were kids and had no internet, we just went outside and stayed there until it was time to go to bed.

And even after the Internet was invented, there wasn’t much to do. We had email, but there weren’t many people to write to. We had some chats, but we met our friends face to face, so we didn’t spend so much time online. We had the windows games. And when we weren’t cleaning our mouse and keyboards, we had a life.

These 15 nostalgic memes will take you on a short trip to the past. Kids today won’t understand many of these memes. Check them out, and share the fun with your friends!

1. I remember this very clearly, as for the first years of my life, I had a phone like this.

Funny nostalgic meme: How we blocked people in the 1980s

Also, there was a book containing everyone’s phone number. However, we memorized all the important phone numbers, and believe it or not, to this day I remember my best friends’ numbers. And if we didn’t want someone to call our house, we just placed the phone as shown in the picture. 

2. This! This is exactly what our childhood looked like.

Funny nostalgic meme: How we spent our time when we were kids

Childhood was so much simpler. Kids played together outside. If we wanted to ‘ask’ another kid out, we’d knock on their door and politely ask permission from their parents. We’d spend hours outside, and when it was time for dinner, we went home before Mom came out yelling for us. It was so much fun!

3. The filters we grew up with:

Funny nostalgic meme: These are the filters we grew up with.

We bought a lot of magazines! As teenagers, we had teen magazines with posters you could stick on your wall, LOL. I used to draw on the faces, exactly like this, out of boredom. Even now, when I visit my Grandma and her TV Guide is just sitting there, I grab a pen and “filter” all the celebrities in it.

4. Back in the day, you had to clean your mouse all the time.

Funny nostalgic meme: Remember having to clean your mouse every few days?

I loved playing with that little ball! Cleaning the mouse was necessary, because it simply stopped working properly.

5. Who remembers these shoes?

Funny nostalgic meme: old shoes

Call me crazy, but I still think they’re cool!

6. The eraser everyone used:

Funny nostalgic meme: eraser blue part could erase ink

What do you mean ‘legend’? The blue part doesn’t erase ink??? It didn’t, it just ruined the paper, I still have no idea what its deal was. Everyone on this planet had an eraser like this one.

7. Having to press a button several times to get to a letter

Funny nostalgic meme: Kids today will never understand the struggle of having to press a button three times to get one letter

OMG, I remember having an amazing speed at texting. We got used to pressing the numbers several times, and we could do it very fast, without looking. I prefer smartphones, though. So much faster.

8. We had to wait for days to see the photos!

Funny nostalgic meme: Kids today will never know what it was to take a ton of pictures and have to wait a week to find out they were useless

Oh, the good old times when a camera was an entirely different object than the phone. You had to buy batteries and a film. Then, you took the pictures. Then, you took the film to a shop, where you had to pay some money. After a few days, you’d go back, pick up the photos, look at them, and found out your eyes were closed.

9. Phone batteries lasted for DAYS.

Funny nostalgic meme: Nokia 3310 battery

I had this type of phone and it was the best. One time I dropped mine from the third floor, and nothing happened. I still have it! Its battery lasted for a week, even if you played ‘Snake’ every day.

10. Playing Minesweeper, because there weren't many options.

Funny nostalgic meme: Today's kids will never know how to play minesweeper because neither did we

I actually know how to play this game. And it was my favorite, because it’s really a great brain teaser, you must really use your thinking.

11. This... This is something I don't miss.

Funny nostalgic meme: Kids today will never know the struggle cassette player

This happened all the time, it was so annoying!

12. You couldn't use the phone and the Internet at the same time.

Funny nostalgic meme: get off the internet I need to use the phone

Kids, let this information sink in: When I was young, you could either talk on the phone, OR use the internet. Not both. Crazy times. 

13. Carrying music wasn't easy.

Funny nostalgic meme: Carrying music on cds

My husband and I first moved together 10 years ago. When we were unpacking our stuff, he took out one of these CD books. I was speechless, I mean we had Internet, YouTube, Wi-Fi, USB sticks, and all the other things we have today because 10 years ago was not so long ago. And I was stunned, I asked him “What are we supposed to do with these?”, as it took A LOT of space. And he said “This is my music”. Yeah, but we don’t even own a CD player. But the thing is… he had put so much work into burning those CDs with his favorite songs, it was hard to let them go, LOL. I eventually convinced him to throw them out, but it wasn’t easy. Wow. 

14. This crazy 'estimated time left'

Funny nostalgic meme: moving files installing 39 years left windows

Even if it didn’t last 39 years, installing things and moving files took a lot of time. Hours sometimes! 

15. Fitting your portable CD player into your pocket.

Funny nostalgic meme: Kids today will never understand the struggle of fitting a cd player into your pocket

Haha! I remember having one of these. Fitting it into your pocket was almost impossible!

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