15 Hilarious Memes That Made Me Laugh Today

Check out these hilarious jokes and share the fun with your friends!

The weekend’s finally here! Had a rough week? I know I did, and humor always cheers me up. I hope you get the chance to laugh and have fun this weekend. I’ve put together a list of 15 hilarious memes that cheered me up today. Check them out and share the fun with your friends! After all, we all need a good laugh these days!

1. I'm gonna say yes. Yes, it was all worth it.

Funny frog meme: When you sit naked in front of the mirror, and you ask yourself if all that Christmas food was worth it.

2. I'm great, actually!

Funny ostrich: 140 days in lockdown. I'm fine, thanks for asking.

3. Just so you know!

Not all princesses need saving.

4. We're all losing our minds here!

Funny nun buys Jägermeister: How bad is it on Earth right now? Well...

5. So true!

Funny post: It only takes one slow-walking person in the grocery store to destroy the illusion that I'm a nice person.

6. They used to serve alcohol on Bingo night...

Funny grandmas: This is why they no longer serve alcohol on Bingo night!

7. This sounds like a great idea! Thanksgiving is so much better than Valentine's Day!

Funny Valentine's Day: Instead of Valentine's Day, we should just have a second Thanksgiving.

8. How did we go from this to what we have now? WHY?

Fun fact: Believe it or not, this was economy class seating on a Pan Am 747 in 1970.

9. My January was full of 2020!

My new year starts on February 1st because January still has some 2020 left in it.

10. I'm not a big fan of this bus. It looks suspicious.

Funny bus: Is this bus being supportive or threatening me? I'm here for you

11. Here's a good parenting hack:

Funny parenting advice: A good way to prepare yourself for parenthood is to talk to rocks because they have similar listening habits.

12. Finally! I really needed this:

Finally, a piece of clothing for those of us with cold arms and hot boobs.

13. Hahaha! This dog is hilarious!

Funny dog: I found your brownies

14. It's funny because it's true!

Funny meme men baby head: When men get sick

15. This is the exact face I make every morning when I wake up:

Funny sleepy cat: When you wake up and can't motivate yourself to get ready.

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