20 Funny Translation Fails That Will Have You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts

Funny Translation Fails

These translation fails are so hilarious, I almost choked laughing. Check out these 20 funny fails and share the fun with your friends!

When Google translate fails, the most hilarious things happen. These signs and menus from abroad are just pure gold.

In countries where English isn’t taught in school, or people don’t really speak it, business owners must turn to a friend for help. Those who have a good friend who speaks foreign languages are in luck. The others have the same good friend who speaks all languages: Google translate.

And while our universal translator does a great job translating a word from one language to another, when it comes to grammar, longer sentences, or expressions, it sometimes fails.

And the results are just delicious! Check out these 20 examples that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. I’d go to the bathroom before if I were you. Enjoy!

1. By order, eating the carpet in this airport is strictly prohibited. I don't care how hungry you are.

funny translation fail: eating carpet strictly prohibited
Photo: justinrosslee via Instagram

2. What kind of a dessert is this? I wish they has some pictures in this menu, LOL.

funny translation fail: ice cream in the ass
Photo: BraunFilm via Twitter

3. You'd better listen to these people. They are not wrong!

funny translation fail: everyone loves a clean bitch
Photo: simonveliky via Instagram

4. OMG, poor Paul. Check out the explanation for this translation fail below:

funny translation fail: Paul is dead
Photo: AjamMediaCollective via Facebook

5. If you're a high maintenance chick, this is the salon for you:

funny translation fail: high maintenance chick salon
Photo: timmyvee via imgur

6. I really hope this is just a funny translation fail. Really, really hope.

funny translation fail: dead slow children playing

7. This is a hilarious sign fail! The toilet is the place for many things, but I don't think prayer is one of them.

funny translation fail: toilet - the place of prayer
Photo: wanderlust_express via Instagram

8. I know the 'chicken' part is right:

funny translate fail: sale of chicken murder
Photo: BizarroCullen via reddit

9. The cheese looks great, but I wouldn't buy anything that has 'Paralysis' in its name.

funny translation fail: Syrian paralysis cheese
Photo: ohmz via twitter

10. I bet it smells nice in there, LOL.

funny translation fail: anus perfumery

11. This translation fail is so funny! I think they probably meant the bathroom ventilation.

funny translation fail: please turn the vacuum cleaner when using the shower
Photo: clayton_gash via iInstagram

12. You're welco "m", my friend. I get this sign, he saved some space by using one letter instead of 4.

funny translation fail: than "q"

13. OK, we won't use the problem!

funny translation fail: do not use the problem
Photo: rdilaracelik via Instagram

14. I don't know what they meant and what's the deal with the donkey, but this store sign fail is hilarious.

funny translation fail store sign
Photo: mikesinasia via Instagram

15. This one's OK, but one word may missing. I love how they still put up the sign: "Meh, no one reads these anyway"

funny translation fail pool sign
Photo: ameenagorton via Instagram

16. One letter can make such a huge difference:

funny translation fail: lamp meat
Photo via susiesbigadventure.blogspot.com

17. WHAT?! This is the funniest translation fail ever!

funny translation fail: special women not allowed to enter men
Photo: majdo64 via Instagram

18. I miss the simpler times when they didn't come up with the craziest chips flavors.

funny translation fail: pringles ass

19. Stop messing with the doors, Manuel! When will you learn?

funny translation fail: don't close the door manuel
Photo: sonicspunk via Instagram

20. This menu translation fail is the best! The fish estimates this is the funniest of them all.

funny translation fail food menu restaurant
Photo: superenglishsuratthani.wordpress.com

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