8 Ordinary Things That Will Never Be The Same Again

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Many things have changed without us even realizing it. This summer, after the lockdown ended, I attended a birthday party. When the cake came, someone took it to the birthday girl, out of habit, so she’d make a wish and blow on the candles. I’m not kidding you: All the guests started screaming: “No! No! No!”.

This year has changed us, and many of the simple, ordinary things we did all the time will be different. Forever. I don’t think we’ll ever go back. I don’t think we’ll ever blow on a birthday cake again.

Funny article

1. Blowing on the birthday cake

Those were some wild times! I really doubt we can bring that tradition back. Personally, I don’t think I can ever eat a piece of cake that was previously blown on, again. 

Someone in our group suggested a solution: just put the candles on one slice, and have the birthday boy or girl to blow on that one.

2. Large family events

I really hope we’re done with large family events… forever. I come from a place where family events are organized with a LOT of people. For example, I had a rather small wedding… with 170 guests. 

Birthday parties with 50 guests, Christmas dinners with 16 cousins and 12 aunts, Friday night gatherings with 30 people… I think they’ll never happen again. 

Not because of this or any other virus, but because we’ve gotten used to smaller gatherings, and I, for one, like them better.

3. Sharing food and drinks

“Do you want to taste my food/drink?” – is gone forever. I’ve never been a fan of sharing food, but now I finally can say NO without sounding rude. I don’t think people will share each other’s food and drinks any day soon, to be honest.

4. Going to work when you're sick

Now, if a boss hears that you’ve got a fever, they don’t ALLOW you to go to work. Last year, unless you were dead, if you were needed, you had to go to work.

You had to be really ill to get a sick day, and a common cold wouldn’t count as a serious illness. Go cough at work now, see what happens. (Please don’t, I’m just kidding).

5. Eating on the street

Just months ago, we’d go out for a walk in the park, or at the mall, get ice cream, and just casually eat it while walking. Remember that? Without previously washing or sanitizing your hands. We were wild!

6. Kissing strangers

Remember when you went out on a date… and KISSED a person you had just met? Without asking them for their medical history first?

Thank God I’m married because dating will be pretty weird from now on: “Have you had any of these symptoms in the past week? Which of the vaccinations have you had? Do any of these diseases run in your family?”

7. The five-second rule

2020 canceled this rule forever. Never again will anyone on this planet drop something on the floor and eat it afterward.

8. Making wishes

No one, not one person in this world will ever again wish for: more time spent with family, more time spent at home, less time spent at work, working from home, or just staying home at doing nothing. I think from now on, we’ll all just wish for health and a lot of money.

Is there anything you think we’ll never, ever do again? Share your thoughts below!

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