22 Funny Memes About Marriage All Couples Can Relate To

Funny marriage memes

These funny memes perfectly sum up married life. Just because marriage is a serious issue, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t joke about it.

Each relationship is unique, that’s true. However, married life isn’t so different from one couple to another. These funny memes perfectly sum up marriage, and we bet all couples will agree.

In the list below, you’ll find a few marriage rules, relationship advice, and some hilarious memes we can all relate to. It can very well pass as a ‘brochure’ for married life, so if you know some newlyweds, please pass it forward.

Whether you’re married or not, enjoy the funny marriage memes below and share the fun with your friends. Have fun!

1. This may look like a funny meme or an innocent joke, but hear me out: this is solid marriage advice. Do not ever do the contrary.

Funny meme: Marriage tip - if your wife says do what you want, under no circumstances do you do as you want.

2. To be honest, things like this will sometimes happen. But when she has to, she has to.

Funny meme: deer on the wall - I told you it was hunting season Doreen, but noooo we just had to visit your sister near the lake.

3. Here's an example of what you should NEVER, EVER say to your wife. The correct answer, to any question she asks is: "Honey, you look lovely. Here's a glass of wine."

Funny meme: Did I get fat during quarantine? you were never really skinny.

4. Here's another great piece of advice. Although, it might be a good idea to do what your wife tells you, from the beginning.

Funny meme: If at first you don't succeed, try doing it the way your wife told you to.

5. And the other 5% is shouting 'Have you seen my socks??'

Funny meme: 95% of being married is just shouting 'what?' from other rooms.

6. This is what winning argument looks like. There, now you know. Stop taking chances.

Funny meme: Husband relaxing after winning argument with wife

7. And the he told her "Yes, honey! I got the perfect shot!", then he regretted it for the rest of his life.

Funny meme: woman on ostrich covers her face

8. Marriage in our times sure is interesting.

Funny meme: My wife complained that all the time I spend on Facebook has destroyed the way we communicate as a family, so I blocked her.

9. If you thought the first kiss was the biggest step in a relationship, you were wrong.

Funny meme: The biggest step in any relationship isn't the first kiss. It's the first fart.

10. In the photo below you can see what men expect from their wives.

Funny meme: 2020 wife of the year award goes to - woman beer baby

11. This funny meme about marriage explains when you should and should not put your foot down. Once again, solid advice.

Funny meme: In a marriage, it's important to know when to put your foot down. Never with your shoes on and after she's just vacuumed.

12. To keep your wife happy, you have to keep surprising her. Every day with something new. Today, with a bubble bath.

Funny meme: I've prepared a bubble bath for my wife, but she wasn't impressed.

13. 'When will dinner be ready?' is a very good question, if the timing is right. For example, when your wife is mowing the lawn, that is not a good moment.

Funny meme: When your wife is mowing the lawn, that's not a good time to ask her when dinner will be ready.

14. This was designed as a funny meme, so people would pass it around to all men. This is not joke, it's 100% true. Give it try.

Funny meme: Marriage tip - your wife is not going to start an argument with you if you're cleaning

15. And now, a piece of advice for wives.

Funny meme: marriage tip - if your husband says he will fix it, he will. You don't need to remind him every six months.

16. This is the kind of bed all married couples should buy. It comes with two mattresses, two blankets, and two TVs.

Funny meme: Specialty bed for married couples, also available with electric fence.

17. What to do if your wife says you are immature:

Funny meme: my wife said I was immature, so I banned her from my fort.

18. The father of the groom knows what he's talking about:

Funny meme: dad message before wedding

19. You don't want to leave without your phone. Ever. Especially if your wife can guess your password.

Funny meme: man walks out of coffin - when you die, but you realize your wife gets your phone.

20.This one is for the wives and moms who are tired of sharing their cookies:

Funny memes: how to keep all the cookies to yourself

21. This is what happens if you're not careful. Make sure you apply al the rules in this list. Good luck!

Funny meme: it must have been a rough divorce - half house

22. This chart can be applied every day. When in doubt, just say what's on the "Ultra safe" column.

Funny meme: how to talk to your wife

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