25 Funny Grandma Memes That Will Crack You Up

These are the funniest grandma memes on the internet! Get ready to laugh until you cry!

Grandmas are the best! They are so kind, sweet, and generous, they make us forget they’re human, not angels. Whenever a grandchild needs something, Grandma puts on her superhero cape and rushes to save her spoiled babies. God forbid one of the grandkids is hungry. She instantly bakes a ton of cookies, and cooks a ton of food.

The following funny memes are the best, most hilarious, and most shared posts by the awesome grandmas in our community. Because you see, not only are Grandmas sweet and kind, but they’re also funny and witty! Enjoy the funny memes and share them with your favorite Grandma!

1. If you want to ruin your Grandma's day, tell her you haven't eaten anything all day.

Funny meme: Grandma when she hears you haven't eaten all day

2. Grandma keeps cheating at hide and seek! The kids won't play with her anymore, because she always wins.

Funny meme grandma carpet: the kids no longer want to play hide and seek with grandma because she always wins

3. Grandma still does crazy stuff, just like before, only slower.

funny meme grandma: don't worry about getting older. You will still do crazy dumb stuff, only slower.

4. Speaking of crazy stuff... Grandma, please stop ripping off your diaper...

Funny meme: remember how when you were little, you could just rip off your diaper and run around naked, and everyone thought it was so cute and funny?

5. It doesn't matter who you are, how old and how badass... when your Grandma crochets you something, you wear it.

Funny meme: when your grandma crochets you something, you wear it.

6. Someone told Grandma to make new friends, so she did.

Funny meme: my psychiatrist told me I should make new friends, so I did.

7. Grandma is so good at knitting, she even made her own mask.

Funny meme: Grandma made her own mask.

8. There aren't many differences between baby and Grandpa. Who do you think would win the race?

Funny meme: grandpa and grandson wheels.

9. Would you dare tell her that you're not hungry? LOL

Funny meme: I didn't even know Grandma had a gun, until I coughed at her house.

10. Grandpa is so badass, he joined a bikers club. So dangerous.

Funny meme: Grandpa joined a bikers club Son of Alzheimer where's my bike

11. Don't worry, Granma. It's not just you. We can all relate to this funny meme.

Funny meme: I like to make lists. I also like to leave them on the kitchen counter, and then guess what's on the list while I'm at the store.

12. If Grandma ever finds out you skipped breakfast, prepare to eat ALL the food.

Funny grandma meme: When Grandma finds out you didn't have any breakfast.

13. All the Grandmas will relate to this funny meme.

Funny grandma meme: Why do you wake up in the morning? I need to pee.

14. Grandma will always make sure you have a little snack before you leave, so you don't get hungry on your way home.

Funny meme: When Grandma gives you just a little snack before you go home.

15. Most of the times, Grandma falling asleep on the couch has nothing to do with her being drunk.

Funny meme grandma: I've reached an age when falling asleep on the couch has nothing to do with coming home drunk.

16. After a certain age, all Grandmas and Grandpas should consider installing a bar in their shower.

funny meme: my doctor said that now that I'm older I should install a bar in the shower.

17. A Grandma WILL crochet for her grandkids, whether they are human or not.

funny meme: dogs after visiting grandma

18. Ask Grandma for an iPad, and she WILL deliver. However, you might want to write it down.

funny meme: thanks for the ipad Grandma - eye pad

19. Grandma's shark blanket turned out great! Hilarious!

Funny meme: When Grandma knits you a shark blanket fail

20. "Listen, you never ever let me alone with Grandma again. Understood?"

Funny meme: when you leave your cat with Grandma.

21. Every generation had fun differently. This was Grandma's:

Funny meme: Grandma, all you think about these days

22. Grandma may not know how to send a text, but she sure doesn't need Google to fry an egg.

Funny meme: Kids make fun of Grandma for learbing technology, but they have to google how to fry an egg

23. Mom as a mother, versus Mom as a Grandmother. Yea, what's the deal with that? Can anyone please explain?

Funny meme: mom as a mom vs mom as a grandma

24. Of course I won't feed the kids sugar... until you walk out that door.

Funny meme: Grandma, please don't feed the kids sugar.

25. Thanks for always thinking of me, Grandma! I love you!

Funny meme: when grandma hears you might drop by.

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