Sister Of The Groom Refuses To Attend Wedding – Who Is Wrong Here?

The bond between a brother and a sister can never be broken, right? That’s what this woman thought, too. However, after her big brother got involved with one of her former coworkers, their relationship was practically ruined.

She found out from their family that her brother was getting married, and at the same time, she discovered her future sister-in-law had blocked her on social media. And on top of everything: she wasn’t invited to their wedding. Which, since she no longer had a relationship with her brother, was perfectly fine by her.

However, the family refused to let it go, and after digging into this whole mess, they discovered that the bride was demanding an apology. For what? Brace yourselves! For something she refuses to disclose, some secret event that happened 2 years ago, while the two women were working together. The sister has no idea what she did wrong and is refusing to apologize for the secret mistake. The bride won’t tell anyone what this whole thing is about. The grandparents are upset and are now refusing to pay for the wedding. The parents are taking the bride’s side. And I just REALLY want to know what happened 2 years ago! Here’s the full story!

The context:

She found out they were getting married, but also that she's been blocked.

And then, the invitations got sent.

Would you attend a wedding without being officially invited?

Here's what others have said:

I agree!

There's no invitation to accept...

The woman followed up with the first update:

A secret mistake was made... 2 years ago.

Since he doesn't care, why go?

The final update!

FSIL won't tell anyone why she's so angry.

What do you think?

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