25 Amazing Mesmerizing Patterns Made Of Stones On The Beach

This artist arranges rocks into hypnotizing patterns on the beach, and his pieces of art are so satisfying.

After seeing the hypnotizing pieces of art Jon Foreman creates, I realized that maybe I’ve been going to the beach wrong. I mean… check out this talented guy’s work!

Jon Foreman (Sculpt the World) creates art with natural elements he finds around him. Stones, leaves, shells, or broken glass are just some of the items he uses in his art. As a “canvas” for his mesmerizing art, he often uses the beaches on the Pembrokeshire coastline.

According to his website, this is not just art but also a form of therapy for him, as it helps him escape stress. And I believe him, as it’s been so relaxing just looking at these patterns! I strongly encourage you to follow him on Facebook and Instagram because there’s so much more to see. Here are just 25 of his beautiful creations:

3. This artist creates beautiful pieces of art using elements he find around him.

7. He creates this beautiful pieces of art inland, or on the beach.

8. His art is ephemeral, as the wind or the tide makes everything disappear soon after it's finished.

10. He creates these patterns using all kinds of items he finds around him, including shells.

12. I think you need talent, vision, and a lot of patience to create these hypnotizing patterns.

24. If you ever see one of these patterns on the beach, don't worry! It's not the aliens.

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Animals Make Us Laugh

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