23 Times Halloween Decorations Were So Realistic The Cops Showed Up

You know you went a bit too far with the Halloween displays when someone calls the police.

We must appreciate these people’s creativity! Some of these Halloween displays look so real, I probably would have called the cops, too! That’s what happens when you put out realistic Haalloween decorations in your yard. Check out this cool gallery and share the fun with your friends!

1. When your Halloween display is so realistic that cops show up.

2. Neighbors called the police on this terrifying Halloween display:

3. You really don't want to forget to put away this Halloween decoration.

4. Neighbors thought this was a real fire and called 911.

5. Such a realistic Halloween display!

6. Simple, yet effective.

7. When you take Halloween too far:

8. How to freak out your neighbors on Halloween:

9. This is a terrible idea.

10. "Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?"

11. She got the neighbors worried.

12. This Halloween display looks so real!

13. This Stranger Things Halloween display is mind blowing!

14. That looks like a real kid!

15. It looks pretty real!

16. Cops were called.

17. This may be a little too much.

18. Someone called 911 about a toddler being stuck.

19. How to traumatize the guys who pick up your garbage:

20. I'd run if I saw this in traffic.

21. Halloween creativity:

22. Impressive!

23. Yep! This lady wins Halloween!

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