A Guide For Christmas Shopping: 20 Gifts You Should Never Give Your Mom

Gifts you should never give your mother

This has to be on the internet for every clueless child. Here are 20 gifts you shouldn’t give your mom on Christmas. Please share this with everyone!

No mother on this planet should ever open her Christmas presents to find a vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies, or cooking stuff. Never! I know it’s hard to find the perfect gift for the woman who gave you life. It’s hard for all of us! But let’s just use our brains and try not to ruin Christmas for our Moms this year. Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t get your mother on Christmas.

1. Handmade stuff.

What are you, twelve? If you can’t afford to buy your Mom a proper gift, just don’t! Making her an ugly drawing and forcing her to display it on the fridge was only appropriate when you were in the second grade.

2. Cash

Cash IS an appropriate gift if it’s a million dollars. Or at least 100,000 dollars. Otherwise, it’s just laziness. 

3. Pets

The only time it’s appropriate to get someone a pet is when you buy one for your kids because you’ll be the one taking care of it anyway. Not for your Mom, not for your wife, not for your girlfriend, not for your best friend. No.

4. Cleaning stuff

No. Unless it’s a really cool vacuum cleaner, then still NO. 

5. Home decor articles.

I’ve always hated this. It’s so difficult to get a decoration for someone else’s home. I’m not even going to try to sugarcoat this: She’ll probably hate it, just decorate your own house. That’s it.

6. Wrinkle cream

Don’t waste your money on wrinkle cream. Take a piece of paper, write “You’re old” on it, and give it to her. It’s cheaper and it will have the same result.

7. Weight loss stuff

Exercising equipment, weight loss pills, books about dieting, how about you just tell her she’s fat? 

8. Cooking stuff

Get her a new cooking pan, all the ingredients, and say: “Hey, Mom, why don’t you test it right now?”. Or just run her over with your car, it’s basically the same thing.

9. A framed picture of you.

Trying too hard to be the favorite child, maybe? If you’re gonna frame a picture, make sure it’s one of the entire family, and one you know she loves because she’s TOLD you – with words. 

10. Clothes

Don’t buy clothes for your mother. You won’t get it right.

11. Donations on their behalf.

I’ve only seen this in movies, and I’m not even sure it’s a thing. In my opinion, a live chicken would make a more appropriate gift.

12. Just part of a gift.

If you’re gonna buy your Mom a week in Paris, make sure you get her the plane ticket, too. And not just for her, but for her + one, too.

13. Perfume.

A perfume is a very nice gift. Only. If. You. Know. Her. Scent. Don’t assume. Don’t buy one because YOU think it’s nice. Don’t buy one because it’s expensive, fancy, and a well-known brand. Please don’t be an idiot.

14. Shoes.

You won’t get it right.

15. Books.

Has your mother ever told you she wants to read that particular book? How do you know she hasn’t already read “Fifty shades of Grey”? Maybe she already has a copy!

16. Nothing.

Going empty-handed at your Mom’s house? Are you nuts?

17. A gift that's not really for her.

“Mom, I bought you this fishing line, because I know you just LOVE to see Dad happy.”

18. Medical supplies.

Oh, it’s perfectly fine to get your Mom the medicine she needs, but not as a Christmas gift!

19. Underwear and socks.

It’s OK-ish when she buys you socks, not OK the other way around. I’m not even going to explain this. Just don’t.

20. "Best Mom in the world" stuff.

She knows it. And if she doesn’t get you tons of “Best son in the world” stuff, she isn’t probably such a big fan of these things. I don’t think anyone is, to be honest.

Not sure what to get your Mom for Christmas? How about just ask her? 

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