20 Hilarious Puns To Start This Weekend With A Laugh

I hope you’ll love these jokes as much I did. These are probably the best puns on the Internet.

These jokes are so ‘punny’! If you like clean, innocent humor, this list of 20 funny jokes is for you. They are hilarious, especially if you like Dad jokes! And who doesn’t?

Let’s all start this weekend with a big smile on our faces! I know for sure these hilarious puns will make you laugh, so check them out and make sure you share the fun with your buddies!

1. I love this funny joke, and not just because I'm huge Queen fan!

Hilarious pun funny joke: Can you perform under pressure? No, but I can try Bohemian Rhapsody

2.When the flight attendant asks 'Coffee or tea?':

Hilarious pun funny joke: coffee or tea? wrong, it's tea.

3. Is this her first child? LMAO, no, this is her husband.

Hilarious pun funny joke: My wife is going into labor, what should I do? Is this her first child? No, this is her husband.

4. This joke is hilarious!

Hilarious pun funny joke: Is this food for wasps? No, it kills them.

5. This is my favorite joke from this hilarious pun series. So funny!

Hilarious pun funny joke: Do you have any books on turtles? Hard back? Yes, with little heads.

6. You sure don't want to hear this from your doctor!

Hilarious pun funny joke: Relax, David, it's just a small surgery, don't panic. My name is not David. I know, I am David.

7. Car no go space. Car no fly.

Hilarious pun funny joke: Cargo space? Car no do that. Car no fly.

8. What is it women? 6 feet guys? What's wrong with 2 feet ones?

Hilarious pun funny joke: Girl - I only date 6 feet guys. Me with 2 feet.

9. Another one of my favorite jokes! Beth is short for only being three.

Hilarious pun funny joke: Have you met my daughter Beth? And what is Beth short for? Because she's only three.

10. No, I'd rather just pay.

Hilarious pun funny joke: You wanna box for those, sir? Nah, I hate violence. Is it cool if I just pay with my card?

11. Such a hilarious pun! I love it, so funny!

Hilarious pun funny joke: How you think we keep the cars here so shiny? Polish? Sorry sir, Jak myslisz, jak trzymamysamochody tutaj tak blyszczacce?

12. Twins are supposed to finish each other's sentences. That's just how it is.

Hilarious pun funny joke: calling twin brother from prison. Hey bro, remember when we were kids and we would finish each other's sentences?

13. What's up, stairs?

Hilarious pun funny joke: what's upstairs? Unfortunately, the stairs don't talk.

14. Want to take this to bedroom? Ok, grab the other end. Hilarious.

Hilarious pun funny joke: making out with my girlfriend on the couch. You wanna take this to the bedroom? alright, I'll grab this end, you get the other.

15. I now the drill, we've met before.

Hilarious pun funny joke: You know the drill, right? Yes. Hi, it's nice to see you again.

16. It's not a good time to be cheering, Karen! A man just died!

Hilarious pun funny joke: Oh No! Our neighbor died! Who, Ray? I don't think cheering is appropriate, Karen.

17. Stop lying!

Hilarious pun funny joke: What is your favorite month? July. Why July? I don't lie.

18. Okay, if that's what the lady wants...

Hilarious pun funny joke: call me an ambulance. You're an ambulance.

19. The pilot's biggest fear. I never would've guessed it.

Hilarious pun funny joke: Why did you become a pilot? To overcome my biggest fear. Heights? Dying alone.

20. Note to self: never ask the Genie to make you 'Rich'.

Hilarious pun funny joke: Genie, what is your first wish, Dave? I want to be rich.

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