25 Random Memes To Brighten Up Your Day

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I hope these funny memes will put a smile on your beautiful face! Check them out and share the fun with your friends!

It’s been a year since our lives changed suddenly. Socializing changed and uncertainty has been the theme of the year in 2020, and 2021, too. Many of us are dealing with anxiety and depression, we can’t wait for this chaos to end, so we can back to normal, whatever that may mean.

I’m sure everyone is struggling one way or another. Humor has helped me cope with this ‘new normal’ so I’m sharing it with you guys, hoping they’ll make your days better! Here are 25 random memes that made me laugh today. Check them out and share them with someone who could use a reason to smile today.

1. I say yes.

Funny meme april Do tossing and turning all night count as exercise?

2. We're all going to look very stylish!

Funny meme april Coming out of quarantine wearing all the new stuff we bought on Amazon.

3. True story!

Funny meme april I may look fine, but deep down I don't remember any of my passwords.

4. There may be a couple of problems duct tape can't solve...

Funny meme april Contrary to popular belief, duct tape is not the solution to every problem.

5. Yikes!

Funny meme april When you hit a pothole and it sounds expensive.

6. Absolutely!

Funny meme april I've passed the 'old enough to know better' stage and have moved right into the 'who gives a damn?' stage.

7. I agree! I don't want a small glass of wine.

Funny meme april Of course size matters. No one wants a small glass of wine.

8. I'm so scared of this part...

Funny meme april My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone trying on summer clothes

9. The only directions I need!

Funny meme april Finally, some directions I can follow

10. Simple plans are the best plans.

Funny meme april Good plan. evacuation plan, run

11. Obviously, LOL!

Funny meme april When a man says he'll do anything for a woman, he means fight bad guys and dragons, not vacuum or wash dishes.

12. I sure have!

Funny meme april Ever been in a car with someone who drives like they have extra lives?

13. Nature is healing, you guys!

Funny meme april Due to the lockdown, wildlife has returned to Transylvania.

14. They are just recharging, so they can start again!

Funny meme april When you play with your best friend until your batteries run out.

15. Not gonna lie, this has happened to me.

Funny meme april When you get drunk and end up with the wrong group:

16. Consider this a warning.

Funny meme april I'm not the kind of person you want to put on speakerphone.

17. Yup! This is one of my superpowers!

Funny meme april My superpower is holding onto junk for years and throwing it away a week before I need it.

18. This is just my plant!

Funny meme april When the landlord says 'no dogs allowed'

19. I think I've eaten tons of mud. I miss those days...

Funny meme april When we were kids, this is how we built immunity

20. Yeah. I think we can all agree this is true!

Funny meme april April 2020 April 2021

21. Most days, that is.

Random Funny Meme March: Some days, my greatest accomplishment is just keeping my mouth shut.

22. The horror!

Random Funny Meme March: When you're swimming and something touches your foot.

23. It's been rough!

Random Funny Meme March: Day 13 without chocolate. Lost hearing in my right eye.

24. This has been one of my favorite activities since the pandemic started. Oops!

Random Funny Meme March: When I hear my neighbors arguing outside

25. Definitely!

Funny meme april I may not have lost all my marbles just yet, but there is definitely a small hole in the bag somewhere.

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