Take A Break From What You’re Doing And Enjoy These 25 Awesome Memes

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Take a break from all the negativity and enjoy these hilarious memes!

I hope these awesome memes will make your day! I say let’s all take a break from all the bad news, politics, and nasty arguments to enjoy some nice humor! These funny memes made me laugh, I hope they’ll put you in a good mood, too! Check them out and share the fun with someone who could use a reason to smile today.

1. Regardless of species, all moms have this saying.

Funny meme april The cheetah version of 'sit your ass down!'

2. Do you have the recipe for 'I don't know'?

Funny meme april Do you happen to have the recipe for 'I don't know' or 'I don't care'? It's what my family wants for dinner and I don't know how to make either!

3. OMG, the Earth is healing!

Funny meme april Due to the lockdown, wildlife has returned to Transylvania.

4. Tough times...

Funny meme april Remember when you had to get out of bed to get on the Internet?

5. It hurts just seeing this picture. Ouch!

Funny meme april The world's deadliest weapon:

6. Poor guy! LOL

Funny meme april Is an emotional support dog supposed to look at you like this? Asking for a friend.

7. Here's a fun way to freak out your neighbors.

Funny meme april child with telescope ad

8. The first, however, is to start the day off right.

Funny meme april I have one cup of coffee every morning to start the day off right. The other ones are to keep me out of jail, help me form sentences, and fuel my razor-sharp wit.

9. I am not.

Funny meme april Doctor: Are you getting enough rest? Me:

10. Hahaha! This fish looks so funny!

Funny meme april When you're high in public and you're trying to look normal.

11. You have been warned.

Funny meme april If you tell me to make myself comfortable, I will take off my bra, make myself a coffee and search your house for chocolate.

12. I give up!

Funny meme april Me, four hours into trying to fold a fitted sheet.

13. I sure have! So scary!

Funny meme april Ever been in a car with someone who drives like they have extra lives?

14. Paparazzi caught the dog... what's he doing?

Funny meme april What is Robert Downer Jr's dog doing?

15. Obviously. Wasn't it clear enough?

Funny meme april When a man says he'll do anything for a woman, he means fight bad guys and dragons, not vacuum or wash dishes.

16. Simple plans always work best.

Funny meme april Good plan. evacuation plan, run

17. Definitely!

Funny meme april I may not have lost all my marbles just yet, but there is definitely a small hole in the bag somewhere.

18. Beagle sandwich? Yum!

Funny meme april Pastrami on a beagle

19. What bed and breakfast means:

Funny meme april Bed and breakfast:

20. I'm done for the week!

Funny meme april I just did a week's worth of cardio after walking into a spider's web.

21. The only directions we really need...

Funny meme april Finally, some directions I can follow

22. I'm too scared to start, I'll admit it.

Funny meme april My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone trying on summer clothes

23. I'll call it 'the potato'.

Funny meme april My favorite yoga pose.

24. Yes! This stage rocks!

Funny meme april I've passed the 'old enough to know better' stage and have moved right into the 'who gives a damn?' stage.

25. Free Yoga! Everyone who has a dog should try it!

Funny meme april Free yoga, kindly bend forward and pick up your dog's poop

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