25 Hilarious Memes That Made Us Laugh This Week

Funny memes april

These hilarious memes really made my day! Check them out and share the fun with your friends!

1. It's true!

Funny meme april Easter egg hunts are proof that kids can find things when they really want to.

2. Or I can just put them 'somewhere safe'

Funny meme april At my age, I can hide my own Easter eggs, wait half an hour, and have no clue where I left them.

3. Me and my best friend, when we're bored:

Funny meme april old ladies flash drivers accident

4. I think I found my spirit plant.

Funny meme april I'm not dead, this is just how I look

5. This is so funny!

Funny meme april dominoes scooters domino effect

6. Not much has changed since last April... Well, except for my weight. True story!

Funny meme april April 2020 April 2021

7. I ate so much mud when I was a kid...

Funny meme april When we were kids, this is how we built immunity

8. Every. Single. Time.

Funny meme april My husband, when I try to take a nice picture of us.

9. This is not a dog, obviously.

Funny meme april When the landlord says 'no dogs allowed'

10. This funny meme sums up online shopping:

Funny meme april When you see it online vs when it arrives:

11. I do this a lot!

Funny meme april My superpower is holding onto junk for years and throwing it away a week before I need it.

12. When you can't remember the word for it, so you try to describe it:

Funny meme april When you can't remember what something is called.

13. It's true! I really miss those days...

Funny meme april Before social media, this is how we knew where everybody was.

14. Haha! This meme is so accurate!

Funny meme april Before you buy anything online, ask yourself "Am I prepared to see a sales ad for that same item in every social media site I visit for the rest of my life?"

15. "Mind your own business!"

Funny meme april When they tell you to just do your job

16. Ok, sweetie!

Funny meme april If you guys see my mom on Facebook, please tell her I'm still in the sink!

17. This is true! I'm sure you agree!

Funny meme april The older we get the funnier we become

18. Yeah, I wouldn't put myself on speaker phone, if I were you.

Funny meme april I'm not the kind of person you want to put on speakerphone.

19. It's happened to me, I'll admit it.

Funny meme april When you get drunk and end up with the wrong group:

20. They both look so tired!

Funny meme april When you play with your best friend until your batteries run out.

21. All moms of all species have their own version of this.

Funny meme april The cheetah version of 'sit your ass down!'

22. Yeah, does anyone know the recipe?

Funny meme april Do you happen to have the recipe for 'I don't know' or 'I don't care'? It's what my family wants for dinner and I don't know how to make either!

23. The world is healing!

Funny meme april Due to the lockdown, wildlife has returned to Transylvania.

24. Kids, I'm not even kidding. Back in my day, you could not use the internet in the bathroom.

Funny meme april Remember when you had to get out of bed to get on the Internet?

25. Just looking at this picture hurts.

Funny meme april The world's deadliest weapon:

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