25 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Memes For Everyone Celebrating Or Not

Who’s in the mood for Valentine’s Day? Check out these hilarious Valentine’s Day memes and share the laughs with your friends!

For some, Valentine’s Day is a big day. Having a date, receiving a nice gift, grand gestures, and everything else that comes with this celebration are things that matter for many people. For others, it’s just another day. I’ve never celebrated it and I don’t think I ever will, because, for me, February 14th has always been my brother’s birthday. Not that romantic, lol.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, I hope you’ll find these memes funny. Check them out, enjoy a good laugh, and share the fun with anyone who could use a reason to smile today.

1. What a surprise! Haha!

Funny Valentine's Day meme: Me on February 14th pretending to be surprised by the flowers, roses, and chocolate outside my door that I put there.

2. If you see this, it's Valentine's Day!

Here's how you know it's Valentine's Day:

3. February 15, now that's​ the real celebration!

I can't wait for the day after Valentine's Day because chocolate goes on sale.

4. For all the single guys and gals out there. Instead of waiting, I say you pop a champagne open and get the party started!

Me, waiting for someone to call me on Valentine's Day:

5. Dinner for two sounds nice!

Valentine's Day plan: 1. Breakfast in bed 2. Chocolates 3. Watch movie 4. Dinner for two 5. Regret eating two dinners 6. Cry alone

6. If you're getting me a teddy bear, this is the kind I want:

If you're going to get me a teddy bear for Valentine's Day it better breathe and be a dog.

7. They look so, so sweet!

The only box of chocolates I want this Valentine's Day.

8. Hey, you! Stop kissing!

My plan for Valentine's Day:

9. There's a Valentine's Day heart for anyone!

Funny Valentine's Day meme: you complete mess

10. Here's a nice poem for this year's Valentine's Day card.

Roses are red, violets are blue, Watching murder mysteries on Netflix is costs less than dinner for two.

11. Yup, that's the date!

Funny Valentine's Day meme: Do I have a date for Valentine's Day? Yes, it's February 14th.

12. I'm married, but I still get all the wine to myself.

Funny Valentine's Day meme: The best part about being single on Valentine's Day is that you get all the wine to yourself.

13. Te amo, tequila!

Funny Valentine's Day meme: There are two options on Valentine's day: te quila, te amo

14. When you're jealous on the milk...

Funny Valentine's Day meme: That awkward moment when your milk has a Valentine's Day date and you don't...

15. Here's one for all you single guys and gals!

Funny Valentine's Day meme: I'm the only one I need on Valentine's Day!

16. That's me, on the right:

Funny Valentine's Day meme: Other girls on Valentine's Day versus Me

17. Can we have both?


18. Yikes! This hurts!

Funny Valentine's Day meme: When you're thinking about all the cute things you'll do with bae on VD, but then you remember you're single.

19. I say it counts!

Funny Valentine's Day meme: Finally got a date for Valentine's Day. It's a court date but still, I get to dress up.

20. Sounds like a plan!

Funny Valentine's Day meme: My plans for Valentine's Day

21. Although, this sounds like a better plan:

Funny Valentine's Day meme: thanksgiving

22. When you treat yourself on Valentines' Day:

Funny Valentine's Day meme: me, on valentine's day

23. It's just another day!

Funny Valentine's Day meme: You don't have to be sad about being alone on Valentine's Day if you remember you're alone all the other days, too

24. That's me, sleeping after eating too much pizza:

Funny Valentine's Day meme: Others on Valentine's Day: Me on Valentine's Day:

25. It sure is delicious!

Funny Valentine's Day meme: Dating is cool, but have you ever had stuffed crust pizza?

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