25 Funny Random Memes To Cheer You Up Today

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These hilarious memes will make your day! Check them out and share the laughs with all your friends!

This fine selection of funny memes will put you in a great mood! I always say that no matter what life throws at us, as long as we’ve got a sense of humor, we’ll be able to laugh our way through it all. Check out these 25 hilarious jokes, enjoy a good laugh, and make sure you share them with anyone who could use a reason to smile today.

1. How you know you're growing old:

Funny meme about being old: You know you are getting old when it takes two tries to get up from the sofa.

2. I know the feeling. Sometimes I want to drop everything and go to Granny's, too!

Funny meme child packs his suitcase. Had enough... Off to Granny's!

3. My age doesn't bother me, but the side effects are killing me!

Funny meme about old age: My age doesn't bother me... it's the side effects I don't like

4. Why you shouldn't wait until retirement to travel:

Funny meme about retirement: Why you shouldn't wait until retirement to travel:

5. I think this is a brilliant idea!

Funny meme about old age: We should start referring to age as 'levels' so when you're LVL 80 it sounds better than just being old.

6. All married couples can confirm this:

Funny meme about marriage: 99% of the phone calls between my husband and me are just looking for each other's phones.

7. Oh, sweetie!

Funny meme dog smiling: I found your brownies!

8. When you don't have enough money for new sneakers, but Grandma's got you.

Funny meme about knitting: When you can't afford new sneakers, but Grandma's got your back.

9. Nice offish!

Funny Dad Meme: Welcome to my offish.

10. Does anyone know what's wrong?

Funny meme cannabis: Day 267, still no tomatoes

11. I don't think he'll grow into this one, to be honest!

Funny meme large jacket: When your Mom buys you clothes and says You'll grow into it!

12. Oh boy! No wonder they no longer serve alcohol!

Funny meme grandmas: This is why they no longer serve alcohol on Bingo night!

13. What did you say???

Funny meme marriage: When you thought you were done arguing with your man, but then you hear him mumble something under his breath.

14. Yikes! I think the wife moved into a separate room!

Funny meme snoring: Do you notice that when the snoring got "Extra bad", the wife left?

15. This funny meme perfectly describes my situation right now:

Funny meme: When life is falling apart but you're totally used to it by now.

16. True story!

Funny meme about old age: You can always someone's age by watching them get our of a car.

17. This cat can handle it!

Funny cat meme Officer has everything under control!

18. Absolutely!

Funny meme: Not all princesses need saving.

19. So that's what happened here!

Funny meme: Don't play around with superglue.

20. Some wise words right here:

Funny meme about marriage: never laugh at your wife's choices. You were on of them.

21. Yeah. I'm in this situation, too.

Funny dog meme: When you're too tired to go to work, too broke to quit, and too old to get a sugar daddy.

22. I'm this cat lady, LOL

Funny meme cat lady: I grew up thinking I was a Disney princess. Turns out I'm this lady.

23. As a wife, I can confirm. It annoys me to se my husband looking comfortable.

Funny meme husband: Struggling to get your wife's attention? Just sit down and look comfortable.

24. This is the face I make every morning:

Funny cat meme: When you wake up and can't motivate yourself to get ready.

25. This meme is hilarious!

Funny meme wedding couple man fishing in the back, The happiest day of my life! That's me in the back.

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