25 Hilarious Photos Showing What Happens When You Leave The Baby With Dad

These dads sure had a lot of fun!

Whoever says dads can’t do a good job watching the kids is very wrong. I am 100% sure they are just as responsible as the moms, and on top of that, they can also make it very fun. For both themselves and the kids. These parents showed a lot of creativity and a great sense of humor! Check out the hilarious gallery and share the fun with your friends!

1. Don't worry, honey. I've got this.

2. What to do when the baby is sleeping.

3. Baby and Dad gaming together.

4. Just as comfy as a water bed.

5. Dad's DIY easy project.

6. Fun bath time with Dad.

7. When it's Dad's time to do your hair.

8. If it works...

9. When Dad takes photos for the baby album.

10. He got hungry...

11. When you leave the baby with Dad.

12. This is brilliant!

13. Isn't this smart? They're having fun AND they can't move!

14. Dad's creativity.

15. Bottles up, guys!

16. It's been a rough day...

17. He got it right!

18. This is so funny!

19. His first formal photo.

20. When Dad takes you shopping.

21. No, I am your father!

22. This looks fun!

23. When Dad takes you shopping for new clothes.

24. Shopping with Dad.

25. LOL!

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