25 Funny Photos Only Cat Owners Will Understand

Everyone who’s ever had a cat will relate to these hilarious photos and videos!

If you’ve ever lived with a cat, these funny photos and videos will definitely seem familiar to you. While they are the cutest, sweetest, fluffiest beings, cats can also be jerks, sometimes. The cats in this gallery were shared in the CatsAreAssholes Reddit community, and they’ve made my day. I hope they’ll make you smile, too! Check out the funny cat videos and photos, and share them with your friends!

1. When you try to eat, but you own cats.

2. Unknown pest.

3. And will do it again...

4. Yes, YTA.

5. Oh, no! Popsicle...

6. Life with cats is fun, fun, fun.

7. Oops!

8. Of course it's for the cat!

9. Why am I not surprised?

10. He must have had his reasons.

11. When the cat gets upset.

12. She needed some peace and quiet.

13. Catnip. Not even once.

14. When the cat visits your neighbors.

15. Breakfast!

16. Oh, you broke your leg? That's great!

17. He's just helping.

18. This cat is looking for something...

19. Cats will be cats.

20. LOL!

21. This cat is hilarious.

22. Solid evidence!

23. They're his tortillas, so what's your problem?

24. Where are we going?

25. Looks comfy!

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