30 Funny Pics Showing What It’s Like To Have A Bunny As A Pet

These rabbit owners shared what it’s like to live with their pets, and the photos are too funny.

If you’re considering buying a bunny for a pet, because they’re easier to care for than cats, they shed less than dogs, or they’re less destructive, check out this eye-opening gallery. Rabbits make great pets, but they need just as much attention as any other animals… and they can be just as naughty as a toddler. Check out these hilarious photos and share the fun with your friends!

1. When you take a nap and your bunny decides you need a new haircut.

2. Can you spot the hidden bunny?

3. This is how you eat when there's a bunny in the house.

4. Cute and a little bit terrifying.

5. "No, I didn't bite my sister."

6. When your family's pet fish dies, but you decide you'd like the grave for naps.

7. This little guy had no problem reaching the basil on the counter. Sky is the limit, Mom. Sky is the limit.

8. This little guy managed to get on the counter, too!

9. Straight from your nightmare...

10. A very cute fashion designer. So talented.

11. How did you get in there?

12. When you dance in Mom's makeup.

13. Just checking on the food.

14. Hi, there!

15. Someone really needs a bath.

16. Dad? Are you sleeping?

17. Oopsie!

18. "This is my spot, now."

19. The art and the artist.

20. Just taking a nap!

21. This seems like a fun party!

22. He's not even sorry.

23. Caught in action.

24. You're gonna need a new bag.

25. "Enough work, let's play."

26. Ok, who did it?

27. Nonononono!

28. I'll just sit here.

29. Hi!

30. "You need new furniture."

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