20 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Describe My Financial Situation

I don’t know about you, but these funny memes perfectly describe my financial situation. Yep, I’m broke!

This year was tough. That’s the harsh reality. It was the first time I couldn’t go to Fiji because of Covid. Usually, I can’t go because I’m poor.

How are my finances, you ask? Well, let’s just say that considering I had no vacation this year and no need for new clothes, as I stayed in most of the time… yeah, I’m broke. And I can totally relate to these funny memes.

1. It is a lot of money! Well, depending on when you're getting paid again.

funny broke meme: When you see your bank account balance and trying to stay positive about it.

2. "Yeah, I don't really love the color, to be honest"

funny broke meme: when you ask for the price of something and it's way too expensive but you gotta act like you're thinking about it.

3. That's the next thing we should be working on, seriously. An app to transfer money from our imagination to our bank accounts.

funny broke meme: me, wondering if there's a way to transfer money from my mind to my bank account.

4. I miss that.

funny broke meme: what I miss most from my childhood? not paying bills.

5. Money is money, lady!

funny broke meme: me giving the cashier monopoly money

6. I'm pretty sure it's a little bit of both. I may be poor, but things are expensive, too!

funny broke meme: not sure if everything is expensive or I'm poor

7. I'm so terrified of money! 1 million dollars really scares me!

funny broke meme: They say you attract what you fear, so I just wanted everyone to know that I'm really afraid of 1 million dollars.

8. Run it again, it must work!

funny broke meme: waiter, sir this is an expired gym card membership. run it again.

9. Unbelievable! It was me all along!

10. I can't believe I have less money than a bird!

funny broke meme: this bird has more money than me

11. This is me:

funny broke meme: I don't know how much money is in my bank account, nd at this point, I'm too afraid to look.

12. I can so relate to this funny meme:

funny broke meme: where did all your money go?

13. Wow, windows! That's for rich people!

funny broke meme: Oh, windows. I don't think I can afford this place.

14. I'm not saying I'm poor, but my piggy bank is very skinny:

funny broke meme: I'm not saying I'm poor, but this is my piggy bank.

15. You should try it, it works!

funny broke meme: new diet called I have $10 till next friday.

16. "I don't eat this late at night!" LOL

funny broke meme: when you have no money so you got to act like you're not hungry

17. I'm so happy when my debit card surprises me!

funny broke meme: my debit card is starting to feel like a gift card. not sure how much is on this but we'll give it a try"

18. It's Ok, funds. I'm insufficient, too!

funny broke meme: it's ok funds, I'm insufficient too.

19. Story of my life!

funny broke meme: when you just got paid but the bills are about to auto pay

20. My bank account would be as fat as me! And that's very fat!

funny broke meme: I wish my bank account balance was as high as my daily caloric intake.

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