30 Hilarious Memes To Brighten Your Day

Check out these hilarious meme, enjoy a good laugh and share them with anyone who could use a reason to smile today! Let’s spread some humor and good vibes!

1. This funny meme perfectly describes adulthood:

funny meme: finally old enough to do what I want. Too tired to actually do it.

2. I wouldn't die without coffee, but I can't say the same about the people around me.

funny meme: I'm not saying I'd die without coffee. I'm saying others might.

3. Tequila is my 'certain type of alcohol'. It's been more than ten years since that 'time I almost died', and I still can't be in the same room with a shot of tequila.

funny meme: when you smell a certain type of alcohol and it reminds you of that time you almost died.

4. My Mom as a Mom versus my Mom as a Grandma:

funny meme: my mom as a mom versus my mom as a grandmother.

5. My safe place is very well hidden.

funny meme: I hate it when I put something in a safe place and then it's pretty much lost forever.

6. My entire family loved this fried spinach!

funny meme: this fried spinach was a success! My family loved it and they can't keep smiling.

7. Growing up with a sibling... this happened quite often when I was a kid.

funny meme: You haven't experienced true heartbreak until you've been thinking about leftovers all day and then come home to find someone else ate them.

8. I'm so happy they're not weighing us!

funny meme: Some stores are taking our temperature at the entrance. That's OK. I'm just grateful they're not weighing us.

9. It's pretty disturbing that so many people bring knives on dates. What's up with that?

funny meme: When I see lovers' names carved on trees, I think it's strange how many people bring knives on a date.

10. Here's a tip for when you fall asleep at the office!

funny meme: If you ever get caught sleeping on the job, slowly raise your head and say "In Jesus name, Amen".

11. Good parents are always proud of their kids.

funny meme: Always be proud of your children.

12. This happens to everyone at least once a week, right? It's not just me, right?

funny meme: I woke up to drink some water in the middle of the night and I accidentally ate a whole pizza and a cheescake.

13. As a first child, I can confirm this is true:

funny meme: Children are like pancakes. The first one is always weird.

14. This must be the funniest Halloween costume ever!

funny meme: Pulled over 45 times in one day Halloween costume like car seat

15. OK, I admit it! It was me!

funny meme: Someone needs some driving lessons.

16. I hate it when this happens! Poor people, they now have to wait in line for the escalator.

funny meme: Oh, look! The concrete stairs are out of order!

17. I'm pretty sure this is what happens in many houses:

funny meme: the unseen side of online learning

18. The worse 10 minutes of my life:

funny meme: Yesterday I went o an a diet. Thank God that's over!

19. This meme is so funny!

funny meme: vampire sunbathing - night shift workers on vacation

20. You can't be stressed at work if you don't go there.

funny meme: how to avoid being stressed at work. Don't go to work.

21. OMG, what?

funny meme: Kohl's staples dick's

22. I hope this useful life hack helps!

funny meme: tip of the day. blow on the wine in your coffee mug to convince the rest of the zoom meeting that it is tea.

23. Do you see it too?

funny meme: fence looks like a pig with rollers in its hair.

24. I think every parent will relate to this hilarious meme!

funny meme: I don't know who gave my child a whistle. But I will find you. And I will kill you.

25. And I can smell colors!

funny meme: today I made my coffee with redbull instead of water. Now I can see noises.

26. Either move, or quit drinking!

funny meme: Imagine living here and coming home drunk

27. Run, forest! Run!

funny meme: Someone caught this tree sneaking out of the lake.

28. Ladies, we should hurry! There aren't many left!

funny meme: New vehicle dealership in town

29. If 2020 was lollipop, it would definitely be butt flavor.

funny meme: If 2020 was a lollipop

30. Can tomatoes kill you? I think they can...

funny meme: this tomato will kill me in my sleep

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