15 Weird Book Covers And Titles That Made Me Laugh To Tears

I know they say “never judge a book by its cover”, but these are simply hilarious.

Oh, wow. I don’t even know what to say. I’m not sure if these book covers and titles were deliberately designed to shock, but they did leave me speechless. They are all real, my friends! And I’m seriously considering buying some of them. Number three, the Japanese-Jewish one sounds very complex! It really made me curious!

If you’re easily offended, you might want to stop here. Some titles are inappropriate, even though they may have not been intended to sound dirty. I’m not even sure if the titles are inappropriate, or my mind is simply bad. I can’t stop laughing while typing this. OMG. Check out these hilarious books and share the fun with your friends!

1. Still stripping after 25 years? Wow, Eleanor! That's really impressive!

Funny weird book cover: Still stripping after 25 years

2. Now, the title alone and the theme aren't bad. But did they really have to use that picture? The picture ruins everything!

Funny weird book cover: how to make money in your spare time

3. This book sounds really complex! I'm seriously considering buying it. Judging by the funny cover, you can learn so many things from this book.

Funny weird book cover: the jewish japanese sex & cook book and how to raise wolves

4. This book contains a list of games you can play with your cat. Probably.

Funny weird book cover: games you can play with your cat

5. In this situation, I believe 'job' would have been a better word than 'position'.

Funny weird book cover: the missionary Mother Theresa

6. Come on, Frank! You couldn't find a better name for your hero?

Funny weird book cover: Invisible Dick

7. This book cover is so sexy, with that strong man practicing the manly art of knitting, while riding a horse!

Funny weird book cover: The manly art of knitting

8. The title made me laugh out loud, but then I saw the small writing above: "Quality religious books for children". What?!

Funny weird book cover: Mommy drinks because you're bad

9. I really wonder what Roger learned from his tractor. LMAO

Funny weird book cover: Everything I know about women I learned from my tractor

10. I've read a few things about this one, and the book is funny, too. I'm getting this one, too.

Funny weird book cover: how to raise your IQ by eating gifted children

11. This sounds like a very useful guide for when you go into the woods.

Funny weird book cover: how to shit in the woods

12. Like, for yourself?

Funny weird book cover: fancy coffins diy

13. This book answers a very good question! Men have been asking this for centuries!

Funny weird book cover: are women human

14. I think this book is mostly for men, too.

Funny weird book cover: Castration - the advantages and disadvantages

15. Don't. Just don't.

Funny weird book cover: diy adult toys book

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