15 Random Hilarious Memes To Start This Week With A Laugh

These hilarious memes will make Monday hurt less!

I hope 2021 has been treating you well so far. For me, things aren’t as great as expected, but luckily, we’ve got humor to get through anything. Am I right? We’ve been doing it for a year now, and we’ll keep doing it until there’s no more disease, wars, poverty, and Mondays in this world.

To start this week with a wide, beautiful smile on your faces, I’ve put together a short list of 15 hilarious memes that made me chuckle today. Hang in there, the weekend’s on its way!

1. Yummy! This looks so tasty!

When you cut down a tree in Italy funny meme

2. This funny meme explains everything:

And this is why roadwork takes months to complete:

3. I don't know any people without issues!

They say we can have gatherings with up to eight people without issues. I don't even know eight people without issues.

4. Me, on Friday evening.

"I can't come, I'm having guests over" Guests over: funny cat meme

5. Exactly how I feel when someone tells me I look like my Dad.

When someone says: Girl, you look just like your dad!

6. Are you OK, neighbor? LMAO

When the neighbor upstairs eats Taco Bell.

7. It's unbelievable how things change...

Age 12: Fell off the bike at high velocity onto the gravel road, biked 5 miles home. Age 50: Used wrong pillow, back was nonfunctional for two days.

8. I'd prefer the first option, though.

They say money doesn't bring you happiness. I say neither does being broke.

9. This is the perfect breakfast:

The official breakfast of 2021:

10. The unpresidented Mount Rushmore:

Mount Rushmore before it was carved.

11. This meme is hilarious!

When you write Dear Sir/Madam in your application:

12. Hahahaha! Theraflu!

theraflu funny tyson memes

13. Yep! Still sexy!

When I get out of the shower, and I check if I'm still sexy.

14. I probably won't...

I might wake up early and go running. I also might wake up and win the lottery. The odds are about the same.

15. Honey, come quickly! There's a serious leak under the sink!

There is a serious leak under the sink!

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