20 Entertaining Memes To Get You Giggling Today

Funny meme:

If you need a reason to laugh today, check out these 20 funny memes!

We all need a reason to laugh, am I right? Whether you’re stressed, struggling financially, or just down because it’s Monday, still cold outside, and the virus hasn’t disappeared yet, I bet you need to put a smile on your face.

I’ve put together a list of 2020 hilarious memes that made me chuckle today, hoping they’ll brighten your mood, too. Check them out, enjoy a good laugh, and share them with someone who could use cheering up. Enjoy!

1. You know you're old when you can't get up from the sofa in the first try.

Funny meme: You know you are getting old when it takes two tries to get up from the sofa.

2. Don't mind me! I'm a little busy.

Funny meme: Just sucking today's bullshit out of my head.

3. Poor ghost! It's freezing out there!

Funny meme: It's so cold outside that the ghost haunting this house froze to death.

4. Going to Grandma's house!

Funny meme: Had enough... Off to Granny's!

5. What an emergency exit really means:

Funny meme: Emergency Exit Stairs Toilet

6. We're never safe from a zombie apocalypse, so here's how to protect your home:

Funny meme: How to protect your home from zombies

7. Here's why we don't play with superglue! LOL

Funny meme: Don't play around with superglue.

8. Hurray! So exciting!

Funny meme: Me, all ready for another exciting day in the living room.

9. This really made me curious!

Funny meme: Not sure how they pulled that off...Holy Bible signed copy

10. Here's why you should travel while you still have the energy.

Funny meme: Why you shouldn't wait until retirement to travel

11. I hate it when this happens!

Funny meme: When you get it in bed and forget to turn off the lights

12. Avoid everyone!

Funny meme: Grocery shopping has become a real-life version of PAC-Man. Get the fruit and take any route to avoid contact.

13. This photo broke my heart...

Funny meme: The saddest picture in the world:

14. These parents are hoping it's just a phase.

Funny meme: When your son is going through a phase

15. This is a brilliant idea!

Funny meme: We should start referring to age as 'levels' so when you're LVL 80 it sounds better than just being old.

16. Forget about being a princess, I'm this lady:

Funny meme: I grew up thinking I was a Disney princess. Turns out I'm this lady.

17. It's a nightmare!

Funny meme: The most terrifying moment in life is when the toilet refuses to flush at someone else's house.

18. When you can't afford new shoes, but Grandma's got your back!

Funny meme: When you can't afford new sneakers, and grandma helps out.

19. No wonder they're laughing all the time!

Funny meme: Did you know? Hyenas have sex 6 times a day. No wonder they're always laughing!

20. It's ok, you'll grow into it!

Funny meme: When your Mom buys you clothes and says: You'll grow into it!

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