15 Funny Memes If You Love Wine And Need A Drink

Check out these funny wine memes, enjoy a glass, and share the fun with your friends!

For all you wine lovers, I’ve selected 15 funny wine memes to put a smile on your face! No, no, we’re not making fun of this holy drink, as we take wine very seriously here. And we believe you should always keep a bottle of good wine in your fridge for special occasions… you know, like Wednesday.

So, make yourself comfortable, pour a glass of wine, lay back, and enjoy this list of funny memes. Cheer up, the weekend’s almost here! Enjoy!

1. Let's start this rare selection of funny wine memes with a very interesting fact.

funny wine meme: 2 to 3 glasses of wine per day reduce your risk of giving a

2. This cat is right. However, it's obvious why this happens. Wine is delicious, while water isn't wine.

funny wine meme: it's funny how 8 glasses of water per day seems impossible, but 8 glasses of wine can be done in one meal

3. You bet! And this year even more than before, since it's mostly bad news. Whatever, at least wine makes everything fun.

funny wine meme: i can't watch the news without my glasses

4. My favorite sport is wine aerobics. I've been practicing it for a while and I feel very happy.

funny wine meme: wine aerobics

5. I believe that is correct. These is clearly what the instructions say.

funny wine meme: If i'm reading the instructions correctly, after 3 glasses of wine, the bookshelf assembles itself

6. Hello, I'm baby.

funny wine meme: baby needs beers and wines

7. You can't catch anything bad if your face is covered with a glass of wine.

funny wine meme: wine glass mask

8. Salads are very healthy, I'm sure you knew that, so I'm going to have another glass.

funny wine meme: salad for dinner

9. Every wine lover knows that a good wine must breathe. Here are the instructions:

funny wine meme: the secret to enjoying a good wine

10. Another very good benefit regarding hygiene. Wine helps you keep your hands away from your face:

funny wine meme: you can't touch your face if you keep a glass of wine in each hand

11. I believe I'll have another glass of wine, what do you believe?

funny wine meme: everyone needs to believe in something, I believe I'll have another glass of wine.

12. Seriously, if anyone asks what to get me for my birthday, this is it.

funny wine meme: wine purse perfect gift

13. I'm always a passenger on road trips, so I'm very happy it is now socially accepted to drink wine. Thank you!

funny wine meme: road trip snacks

14. I can't wait for the next weekend!

funny wine meme: wine bottle tan line

15. And I can't wait for payday! I need to buy more wine.

funny wine meme: walking through the wine aisle after payday.

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