20 Funny Homeschool Memes 2020 Parents Can Relate To

These funny memes about homeschooling will make all parents laugh, and laugh, but also cry a little because they’re true. Check them out!

This year has been interesting for everyone, but it’s been a little extra-special for the parents who had to homeschool their kids. Yikes! It wasn’t easy! Especially for the poor guys who also had to work from home.

There are many parents who’ve been homeschooling their kids for years… by choice. For them, things didn’t change too much. However, for those who were not used to this… it was rough.

These funny memes about homeschooling perfectly sum up how remote learning has affected everyone. They are hilarious, true, and a little bit sad for the parents who pray every day for schools to open. For those of you who live in areas where they are still closed: stay strong! For those of you who were homeschooling your kids even before this year, wow! You guys rock!

Check out these 20 funny homeschooling memes, enjoy a good laugh, and share the fun with your friends!

1. There is always that one kid with connection issues.

Funny homeschooling memes: the kid with the bad internet during online classes

2. I bet that alcohol was invented for situations just like this one. We couldn't have survived 2020 without it, that's for sure.

Funny homeschooling memes: day 1- we're 11 minutes in and all going well funny tweet

3. Sue doesn't look stressed at all!

Funny homeschooling memes: this is Sue. She is 31 years old and she has been homeschooling her four kids for the past weeks.

4. When you homeschool your kids, you need a fire drill now and then. The teachers need a break.

Funny homeschooling memes: If you see my kids locked outside today, mind your own business. we are having a fire drill.

5. It's so awkward when you hear the teacher counting your mistakes during the zoom lesson.

Funny homeschooling memes: when your child gets an F on the homework you solved.

6. These guys really need to work on upgrading Alexa, because she sounded so confused when I asked her to homeschool the kids.

Funny homeschooling memes: Alexa, homeschool the children.

7. This homeschool meme is not only funny, but also very, very true.

Funny homeschooling memes: It takes a village to raise a child. And a distillery to homeschool one.

8. Who can even tell what date it is when you're homeschooling your kids?

Funny homeschooling memes: until further notice, the days of the week are now called thisday, thatday, otherday, someday, yesterday, today, and nextday.

9. Online lessons sound a lot like the teacher is summoning spirits.

Funny homeschooling memes: online school sunds a lot like summoning ghosts: Mike are you there? Can you hear us?

10. It's just a parent-teacher conference, carry on.

Funny homeschooling memes: If you see me talking to myself this week, mind your business. I'm having a parent-teacher conference.

11. If someone had told us we would actually need it, maybe we would have paid attention!

Funny homeschooling memes: I remember asking my teachers when I would ener need the math they are teaching me. Not one, not a single one of them said I would need it to teach my children during a pandemic.

12. It's not, they lied.

Funny homeschooling memes: homeschool they said. It'll be fun they said.

13. Use your school stomach, LOL

Funny homeschooling memes: Do you go to the refrigerator at school? Umm no! So use your school stomach.

14. In life, some things are like riding a bike. Second grade math isn't.

Funny homeschooling memes: Me in my kid's daily zoom meeting trying to learn second grade math.

15. Two students were suspended for fighting, another one requested to transfer, the lunch lady quit, the janitor is going crazy, and the teacher was fired for drinking on the job.

Funny homeschooling memes: how is homeschool going?

16. "We're going to learn about fractions every day, until this is over."

Funny homeschooling memes: Today's homeschool lesson - fractions

17. Parents should never teach math.

Funny homeschooling memes

18. Some parents have learned that the teachers were not to blame for their kids' behavior. Sadly, they learned this the hard way.

Funny homeschooling memes: teacher parent meme

19. This homeschool meme is so funny... and so relatable!

Funny homeschooling memes

20. This is exactly how it happened:

Funny homeschooling memes

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