13 Cat Owners Share The Funny Signs They Had To Write Because Of Their Cats

These signs are hilarious!

If you have a cat, you know they sometimes can be sassy, demanding, or real jerks. They can pretend they haven’t eaten for days to manipulate you into giving them more treats. They can meow non-stop when they want to go out. Then in. Then out again. In again. Come on!

They are some characters! Cats are hilarious. They are so smart and cute! These cat owners had to write signs due to their cats and if you have a kitty yourself, you’ll totally understand where they’re coming from. I laughed so hard, I hope you’ll like them, too! Check them out and share the fun with your friends. After all, anyone could use a good laugh these days.

1. Too bad the cat can read your sign!

2. The cats have been fed, no matter what they say.

3. This cat's owners had to put up a sign because people kept knocking on their door "on behalf of the cat". This is just too funny!

4. According to these two posters, these cats are liars. I think they all are...

5. The big one will act like he isn't interested in going outside. This is too funny.

6. Diane and her cat both made signs, LOL.

7. Avoid eye contact with shady cat!

8. This cat should be on a diet, so his owners had to make a sign.

9. Another cat owner who's tired of constantly opening the door for the cat.

10. This cat comes with instructions! Too funny!

11. Don't listen to what the cat says. She's a liar.

12. This cat likes to party. This sign is hilarious!

13. This sign about the cat who wants to be in the Library. Poor Max!

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