20 Funny Snowmen That Make Winter Seem Fun

These creative snowmen are so funny! Check them out and share the fun with your friends!

I don’t really like winter, to be honest. I’m writing this from the comfort of my warm and cozy home, but outside… there are -10°C (14°F). It’s been snowing for a few days, but it’s freezing out there and I see no reason why anyone would go out in this weather. IT’S AWFUL.

There are just a few things I like about winter: 1. It ends. 2. Mulled wine. 3. People’s creativity. These guys sure had a lot of fun making these hilarious snowmen. Check out these funny ideas and make sure you share the fun with all your friends. And if you’ve built a snowman yourself, drop a picture in the comments!

1. This angry snowman is hilarious!

2. I love this snowman hitchhiking to Florida.

3. This snowman is perfect if you want to keep your neighbor's kids out of your yard.

4. OMG, these are the cutest snowmen! Grandma, Grandpa, and the grandkids!

5. The babysitting snowman. Very useful!

6. The punk snowman! Wow, such a creative idea!

7. I might try this! It looks like they are on a date!

8. Oh, look! A beautiful snowmen family chillin' in the park.

9. The drunk snowman idea! I love this one, it's so funny!

10. Wow, this snowman looks like a lot of work!

11. The snowman sitting on its head!

12. This guy's just chillin, after a rough day.

13. This snowman is getting the party started! His life's too short!

14. Ugh, snowmen these days... texting all the time. Put down that phone and enjoy life, would you?

15. Oh, look! This nice little snowmen family is skiing!

16. Snowmen enjoy making angels in the snow, too! This is such a creative idea! Amazing!

17. Snow Momma with the snow babies. LOL, hilarious!

18. Snow Dad and Snow Son. So precious!

19. This lady seems to have slipped on ice!

20. Uh-oh! Someone's in trouble!

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