Woman Refuses To Include Her Ex’s Daughter In Her Christmas Celebration And Her Decision Sparks Debate

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I REALLY want to know what would you have done.

Here’s the story: This woman has a daughter with her ex-husband, who has another kid from his next marriage. This year, his now wife got diagnosed with cancer, and due to this awful situation, they won’t be able to celebrate Christmas with their 5-year-old girl. Since his older daughter is spending the Holiday with her Mom, the man asked his Ex if she could include his other kid, too. She declined, saying it would be weird and uncomfortable. The man left in tears and begged her to reconsider. Now she’s asking the AITA community on Reddit if she was wrong.

Here's what she wrote:

I am a cancer patient. And I can honestly tell you that it’s hard. The battle is awful, and what’s even worse is seeing the people you love the most brokenhearted because of you. 

You carry not only the sickness but also the guilt that you’re putting them through hell. So, if this little girl’s Mom wants her baby to have a happy day, instead of seeing her ill, I get it. I fully get it. It can’t be easy to send your kid to spend Christmas with your husband’s Ex. 

I imagine it was also tough for her husband to make this request. If they’re asking her to take in the child, they must have a good reason.

Every little help counts, and I remember vividly every kind gesture. I remember everyone who called to offer support, every person who offered to help, every person who included me in their celebrations – even though I was bald and awkward, and every delivery guy who climbed 2 floors instead of making me go down for my packages. 

And I keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers, because they made it easy for me, even though they didn’t have to. No one owed me anything. But some people are just…kind.

We all have former relationships. I get that she may resent her Ex… who knows what went on there? And taking responsibility for someone else’s child during the holidays, when things get busy and a little crazy? I would normally refuse, too. But in a situation like this one… I wouldn’t even think about it. 

I’d take her in, and offer to help in any way possible. No matter how much you resent her parents, that little girl has no fault. She’s an innocent kid. So my answer is clear: I think she’s wrong, and a petty, resentful woman. 

But I also understand that she has no responsibility toward that child, and she doesn’t owe anyone anything. I wonder what you would do in this situation.

Here's what others have said:

Maybe there's another way?

I really don't think it's about presents, but who knows?

It really is a sad situation...

I think this was the last option on their list, to be honest.

She's just a child.

Good question! I think the older sister should have a say in this matter.

After all, the only familiar face there would be her sister.

She has the right to decline. She doesn't have to say YES. But she could choose to be kind.

What about the Christmas spirit?

Here's your answer. Is she saying No just because it's HIS child?

Every story is different.

Cold, indeed.

Is it really about free babysitting?

It's a kid at Christmas.

Nobody's wrong in this story...

It's about responsibility, too.

It's not her fault, or problem.

Put your emotions aside.

You read comments on both sides, so what do you think? Share your answer in the comments, and check out this story next:

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