What Mom Really Wants For Christmas

While you’re stressing about what to get your Mom for Christmas, trying to decide between that new pot and a coffee maker, here’s what she really, really wants.

Mom doesn’t want another cooking pan, or some fancy new pot, as she’s got plenty. Instead, she wants her kids and grandkids to come more often for dinner and enjoy her cooking.

Mom doesn’t need a new, fancier smartphone. Instead, she wants her kids and grandkids to call her every evening, and tell her about their day.

Mom doesn’t need a bigger screen TV. Instead, she wants her family to get together more often, and her kids to include her in their lives.

You see, it’s not a thing Mom wants for Christmas.
Mom wants her family to be present.
She wants her kids to get along.
She wants you to pun down your phone for an hour and listen to her stories, even if it’s for the 1000th time, and you already know how they end.
She wants you to hug her and just be there.
She wants you to forget about work on Christmas, and give her your attention.
She wants you to be patient. And to stop rushing.
She wants everyone to get together more often, not just on Christmas.
She wants more time. More of your time.
She wants to lean on you. And she needs to know that she can count you.
She wants to know that she matters to you. That her opinion counts.
She wants to be included.
She wants to know that all of you are happy. And healthy.
She wants to be able to spoil her kids and grandkids.
She wants not presents, but presence.

And last but not least, she wants you to do the dishes.
And grandkids. More grandkids.

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