21 Heartwarming Positive Posts That Will Brighten Your Day

Grandma comforts anxious dog

These positive posts will warm your heart and put a smile on your face!

These positive posts we’ve stumbled upon are proof that there’s still love and kindness in our world. Whenever we kill our time watching TV and scrolling on social media, all we see and read is negative, bad news, politics, and people arguing and insulting each other for having different opinions.

Not sure why, but we are quicker to share things that upset us and others, instead of spreading beautiful, heartwarming, and positive posts that would make everyone smile.

Today, we’re challenging you to read and post something positive. Below are 21 heartwarming posts that will brighten your day. Share this to make your friends smile, too! Let’s fill the internet with love, kindness, and positivity!

1. This father warned his daughter to keep his job a secret, so she wouldn’t be embarrassed. Not only she wasn’t ashamed, but she is in fact, very proud of him.

Positive story dad daughter
Photo: u/zaynthelegend/Reddit

2. Canada, everyone! Where nobody cares which team you’re playing for unless it’s hockey.

Positive story canada
Photo: u/zaynthelegend/Reddit

3. This Grandma who comforted the anxious dog is such a great, kind, and loving person!

Positive story grandma dog
Photo: u/bex_yeah/Reddit

4. We love this Dad’s idea! The best memories in his life, all in one place, is a great idea of a gift.

Positive story dad idea
Photo: @Mellumjr/Twitter

5. And this Dad’s plan! He is so sweet, thinking about her wedding day already.

Positive Dad Story
Photo: u/Maimaexx/Reddit

6. The guy who didn’t know you can have dogs on the bus. So sweet!

Positive bus story
Photo: u/utopian23/Reddit

7. This nurse, and all the other medical workers who sacrifice so much to save lives. It can’t be easy to work 36-hour shifts, wearing those protective suits, and still do your best at work. We’ll never be able to repay you, THANK YOU!

Positive covid story
Photo: u/zirhli0/Reddit

8. The proud, loving look of the father looking at his son being a father. Gorgeous, three generations family picture.

Three generations beautiful picture
Photo: ElvishBlackSmith/Reddit

9. This couple who asked their grandmas to be their flower girls at their wedding. They both looked beautiful and so happy! You two were raised well!

Positive story grandmas as flower girls
Photo: peacelovehap/Reddit

10. This big brother who got this heartwarming note. So sweet.

Positive autism story
Photo: -TheOnlyOutlier-/Reddit

11. Like father, like son. Such a sweet story!

Positive father and son story
Photo: gangbangkang/Reddit

12. One last beer they will always remember. May he rest in peace.

One last beer touching story
Photo: AdamSchemm/Reddit

13. This Dad came up with a great idea to keep encourage his kids to talk to him. It’s so reassuring to know you have your unconditional parents’ love and support.

Positive Dad and daughter story
Photo: AnneDoepner/Reddit

14. This Mom has a different way of parenting. We hope she never loses her patience!

Positive patient mother story
Photo: Master1718/Reddit

15. These guys who made someone’s birthday better. Such a beautiful gesture!

Positive birthday story
Photo: infinite-tonkotsu/Reddit

16. This Dad can be proud because he raised a kind young man. Good job, Jacob!

Positive autism story
Photo: tyco09/Reddit

17. This sweet kid who is not ashamed to express his love for his Mother.

Positive sweet child story
Photo: ashleymcnamara/Reddit

18. The woman who made a difference in this world by planting over two million trees. Impressing!

This woman from Shanghai has planted 2 million trees in Mongolia.
Photo: u/Araragi_Monogatari/Reddit

19. In Japan, they kept the train station running because there was still a girl who needed the train to get to school.

Japan positive story.
Photo: u/iSquatAlot/Reddit

20. This man is a true hero:

True hero
Photo: Waffle_Man_/Reddit

21. This letter is so heartwarming!

Ebay VHS player thank you letter.
Photo: MarshmallowMatt/Reddit

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If you have a positive story of your own, please share it in the comments section below! Share this positive story with your friends, and put a smile on someone’s face.

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