14 Interesting Facts About Our World That Will Blow Your Mind

Here are 14 interesting random facts about the world that will blow your mind.

1. These two interesting photos were taken 71 years apart.

Interesting facts: old lady bike motorcycle, 71 years distance. same girl, same house, same bike, 71 years later
Paul0416 Via Reddit

The two pictures show the same girl, in front of the same house, riding the same bike, but 71 years apart. This is so impressive. Take a look at the tree in the background, how tiny and thin it is in the first picture compared to the second one.

2. An interesting fact about manatees.

Interesting facts: manatee nipples, manatee calves babies, suck armpits
Tsuiseki-Chase Via Reddit

Manatees have nipples behind their flippers and young calves nurse on their mothers’ armpits. Also known as sea cows, manatees are large marine mammals. They can measure between 8 and 13 feet (2.4 to 4 meters) and can weigh 440 to 1,300 lbs. (200 to 590 kilograms).

3. A random interesting fact about reindeer.

Interesting facts: reindeer eyes change color
Tsuiseki-Chase Via Reddit

Their eyes turn blue in the winter to help gather more light during the dark arctic months. Afterward, their eyes’ color returns to a brown-golden color in the spring.

4. This bike was swallowed by a tree:

Interesting facts: tree swallow bike in seattle
Tabou__ Via Reddit

This interesting photo was taken on Vashon Island (Washington State, USA), just out of Seattle. The legend says a boy left his bike chained by the tree when he left away to war in 1914. However, this story turned out to be just a myth. In reality, the bike was abandoned here in the mid-1950s, and the tree has grown around it.

5. An interesting device with a funny story:

Interesting facts: orgone accumulator, wife sat quietly in machine
Dawn__Amber Via Reddit

The device was called an ‘Orgone Accumulator’ and it was sold in the 1950s, as a healing device. Supposedly, the person sitting inside would attract orgone, a massless ‘healing energy’. The FDA noted that a college professor who bought one such device said he knew it was “phony”, but he found it “helpful because his wife sat quietly in it for four hours every day.”

6. This is what the inside of a golf ball looks like.

Interesting facts: inside of a golf ball
hfirst888 Via Reddit

A golf ball is made mostly of plastic and rubber. The core can have a varying number of rubber layers, while the cover is typically made of either urethane or surlyn.

7. This tree is 4,000 years old:

Interesting facts: oldest olive tree in greece, old tree
captonize Via Reddit

The olive tree of Vouves is estimated to be 4,000 years old and it is one of the oldest trees in the world. You can see it in Crete, Greece, and surprisingly, it still produces olives today!

8. Bioluminescence in the Maldives, one of the most interesting phenomenon you could experience at the beach:

Interesting facts: bioluminescent, beach, fluorescent
ImMemeLord Via Reddit

This interesting bioluminescent phenomenon can be seen in the Maldives on the Vaadhoo or Mudhdhoo islands. The best time to witness the bright bioluminescent phenomenon in the Maldives is between June and October.

9. Some interesting Dinosaur news: Las month, researchers excavated a 3,000-pound triceratops skull.

Interesting facts: triceratops skull south dakota
Paul0416 Via Reddit

A rancher in South Dakota discovered something unusual sticking out of the ground while he was working on a fence. As it turns out, it was a 7-foot-long, 1.5-ton triceratops skull.

10. Here’s something you didn’t know: sunsets on Mars are blue.

Interesting facts: blue sunset on mars
TheSunIsBlueVincent Via Reddit

According to NASA, the sunsets on the Red Planet would appear bluish to humans watching from Mars, due to fine martian dust that makes the blue near the Sun’s part of the sky much more prominent.

11. Another random interesting fact: the water of Lake Tahoe is so cold, that it preserved a body for 17 years.

Interesting facts: lake tahoe cold water, Donald Christopher Windecker body preserved
Photo: tahoeresorthotel.com

The water in Lake Tahoe is so cold, that it preserved the body of a missing diver for 17 years. Donald Christopher Windecker was found in 2011, 17 years after he went missing. His body was found 265′ (80 meters) below the surface and it was preserved enough to conduct an autopsy and determine his cause of death.

12. Interesting fact: the record for the most babies born to one mother is held by Mrs. Vassilyeva from Russia. She had 69 children.

Interesting facts: most children record, most prolific mother, woman with 69 children
Gar1986 Via Reddit

If you thought your life as a parent was tough, just take a second to imagine what it must be like to give birth and raise 69 kids. This woman gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets. She lived to the age of 76 and holds the Guinness record of the most prolific mother ever. But what about her husband, you ask? He had a second wife with whom he had another 18 kids. 87 children.

13. There’s a “Portal To Hell” on Earth.

Interesting facts: portal to hell/gate to hell hawaii
Paul0416 Via Reddit

Even though it sure looks like it, this is obviously not the gate to hell, but a lava formation in West Komokuna, Hawaii. The picture was taken in 1996 by Laszlo Kestay and it seems to show tormented souls being sucked into hell. It looks creepy, but it’s just lava.

14. One of the most interesting beaches in the world has black sand:

Interesting facts: black beach iceland
kebabscranner69 via Reddit

The black beach in Iceland is named Reynisfjara and it’s located on Iceland’s south coast. It has Icelandic black sand, huge columns of basalt, and massive waves hitting the shore. Fun fact: the basalt formations are so distinctive, they were even used in some episodes of Game of Thrones.

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